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Adultery; Taboo in Nigeria?

Is adultery a crime in Nigeria? With the rise in the number of cases of violence due to adultery in recent times, one has to wonder.

According to Daily Star, a 36-year old man, Mumo, in the southern Kenyan county of Kitui tried to glue his wife’s vagina after finding text messages and nude photos on her phone.

In law, there are crimes we call crimes of passion. Cornell Law school defines it as a crime committed while in the throes of passion, with no opportunity to reflect on what is happening and what the person is about to do. An example given on the site is when a man finds his wife in bed with her lover, and out of rage, he kills the lover.

So, does a crime of passion excuse this man who tried to glue his wife’s vagina? Let’s see what the law in Nigeria says about adultery.

Should adultery be a crime in Nigeria?

To put it simply, adultery is when two persons, one of whom is married to a different person, have sexual intercourse. In Mumo’s case, he was angry and in shock to find out she was cheating on him after ten years of marriage.

However, outrage led to something else and he tied her up with the help of his neighbour and covered her vagina with superglue. Other neighbours soon came to her rescue while Mumo was arrested and charged with domestic violence and assault.

Due to the damages, she had to undergo surgery at the hospital. The Gazelle News reported that she was in severe pain before the operation and was unable to use the toilet.

While Mumo is facing charges for damaging his wife’s reproductive system, his wife will face charges of adultery. Her husband’s lawyer is asking the court to sentence the woman to 100 lashes if she’s found guilty of adultery.

What does the law in Nigeria say about adultery?

In Nigeria, marriage is recognised and respected by the law. Which is why it steps in when one of the party’s rights is violated. The Marriage Act gives the party in question the power to ask a court for a divorce and claim damages. However, the law only considers adultery a criminal offence in Northern Nigeria where the Penal Code applies. However, some states adopted Sharia law.

In these states, adultery is punishable with 2 years imprisonment and/or with an option of fine. While in the Southern and Eastern part of Nigeria where the Criminal Code Act applies, adultery is not a criminal offence.

The law sees adultery as a matrimonial wrong which can entitle a person to divorce if they find that they can’t live with the party who committed the adultery. Although the law requires that the accusation of adultery not be based on suspicion, emotion or speculation.

Also, the third-party with whom the adultery was committed must be included in the petition for divorce. This will enable the party that’s asking the court for divorce to be able to claim damages against the third party.

Usually, damages for adultery are compensatory. The court considers the following in awarding damages for adultery:

  • The loss suffered by the petitioner
  • Injury to petitioner’s honour and feelings.
  • Hurt to family life.
  • Value of the adulterous spouse to the claimant

The pain of your spouse breaking your marriage vows is not measurable. However, we do not support violence in any form. We believe there are many ways to reach a resolution. Going for marriage counselling can heal your marriage. Also, if you both do not see any chances of reconciliation, taking it to court is the next best option.


Feb’14: Man did not show up after girlfriend makes romantic date (photos). Val’20

A lady was left sad after she planned a romantic valentine date with her boyfriend but he didn’t show up.

A lady who was excited about the effort towards a romantic valentine date with her boyfriend shared pictures on her social media page while she looked forward to him showing up, sadly he didn’t.

She had to share an update on how he stood her up and wasn’t reachable after he had promised to be there. She explained that she was initially worried something had gone wrong with him until she noticed he updated his WhatsApp status.

She shared;

“Update: he never came, like he said he would, couldn’t reach him on his phone, thought something happened to him but he updated his status on WhatsApp. So yah 💔 it really hurts I won’t lie, but it is what it is.
Soo!!! Anyone wanna drink Pink Gin with me 🙂”


We don’t want our country to be recolonized by creditors bank – Shehu sani speaks on $30bn loan requested by Buhari.

Shehu Sani, the Senator who represented Kaduna central senatorial district in the 8th senate has waded into controversy sparked by President Buhari’s resubmission of a $30bn loan request to Ahmed-led Senate after it was struck out by the Saraki-led senate.

President Buhari who resubmitted the loan request on Thursday November 28, said it was critical to the delivery of the government’s policies and programmes.

However in a statement released on Friday November 29, Shehu Sani defended the 8th senate’s decision to reject the $29.96 billion loan request from President Muhammadu Buhari.

The former lawmaker from Kaduna state said Nigerian would have been ”recolonised by creditor banks” if they granted the request which will shoot up the country’s external debt to $52 billion.

“We turned down the FG loan request for $30 Billion to save Nigeria from sinking into the dark gully of a perpetual debt trap,” he said.

“We don’t want our country to be recolonized by creditor banks.

“With the current escalation of borrowing, we will be walking into debt slavery and move from landlords to tenants in our country,” he said.

“They will always tell you that even America is borrowing and I don’t know how rational is it to keep on borrowing because Another country is borrowing.

“If we keep listening to Bankers and contractors we will keep borrowing and burying ourselves and leave behind for our children a legacy of debt burden.

“Loans are not charities. Most of those encouraging more borrowing are parasitic consultants, commission agents, rents seeking fronts and contractors. We must be cautious.”


Sex4Grades – Old lecturer who demands sex from student bags 3-years imprisonment..


A lecturer who demanded sex from his student in order to award her good grades has been sentenced to three years in prison, with an alternative of Tsh5 million (Ksh220, 000) fine.

Samson Mahimbo, a 69-year-old college lecturer at the National Institute of Transport (NIT) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania pleaded guilty to demanding sex from his student in order to award her good marks in a supplementary exam.

According to k24tv, the ruling was delivered on Tuesday, November 26, at the Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court in Dar es Salaam.

Delivering the judgment, resident magistrate Huruma Shaidi said sex-for-grades arrangement leads to the churning out of unqualified professionals.

The Kisutu Resident Magistrate’s Court was told on October 9, that Samson Mahimbo was on January 11, 2017, caught naked in a lodging facility preparing to engage in sexual intercourse with his student. Mahimbo’s student was a Second-Year first-semester learner at the National Institute of Transport (NIT) in Dar es Salaam.

The student had failed her main exam in transport administrations and was scheduled to re-sit the paper on January 5, 2017, the court heard.

NIT lawyer, Faraja Salamba, told the Kisutu Court on October 9, that Mahimbo abused his powers by soliciting sex from one Victoria in exchange for good marks that he would award the student.

Salamba narrated that on January 11, 2017, the suspect called Victoria on phone and asked to meet her at an entertainment joint known as Shani Bar in Mwenge, North-West of Dar es Salaam.

“When they met, the learner was given the supplementary exam, which she sat for. Mahimbo had carried with him to the date a marking scheme. After ‘sitting the exam’, Mahimbo marked Victoria’s paper and gave her a score of 67 percent. The two, thereafter, left Shani Bar for a lodging facility known as Camp David within the same area,” the college’s lawyer, Salamba, told the court.

Salamba further claimed that the two, while at Camp David, binged on alcohol before booking a room, where Mahimbo was nabbed naked preparing to engage in sexual intercourse with the learner.

“The suspect had begun hugging and caressing the student before attempting to undress her, when they heard a knock on the door.

Victoria opened the door and police officers, who had been informed of the lecturer’s plan, arrested him. His clothes lay on the table at the time,” said Salamba.

The suspect was first arraigned on August 14, 2018.

During a subsequent arraignment in early 2019, Mahimbo denied that he attempted to solicit sexual favours in exchange for good marks, contrary to the anti-graft laws in Tanzania.

The prosecution said it had lined up six witnesses to prove their case against the suspect. Mahimbo, on the other hand, told the court that he would rely on four witnesses to prove that he was innocent.

On November 11, during a subsequent arraignment, the suspect admitted he demanded sex from his student in exchange for good grades.


Sensitisation On Depression By Olamide Noble.

Noble Gi-stars

+ What is depression?
+ Symptoms of depression
+ Causes of depression
+ Effects of depression
+ The way out / possible solutions to depression.

*What is depression?*
Depression, according to psychologists is a mood or emotional state that is marked by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life.
Depression is common and serious medical illness that negatively affected how you feel, think and act.

*Causes of depression*
! An unfavourable life event can increase a person’s vulnerability bro depression or trigger a depression episode.
! Negative thoughts about oneself and the world the world are also important in producing and maintaining depressive symptom.

*Causes of depression*
– Feeling of sadness
– Hopelessness or pessimism
– Lowered self-esteem
– Heightened self-depreciation
– Decrease or loss of ability to take pleasure in ordinary activities.
– Reduced energy and viability.
– Slowness of thought or action.
– Loss of appetite
– Disturbed sleep or insomnia.

_Note_ – Depression is different from simple grief or mourning which are appropriate emotional responses. Depression is disproportionately long or severe vis-a-vis the precipitating event.
The distinction between the duration of depression, the circumstances under which it arises, and certain other characteristics underlie the classification of depression into different types…

Depression varies from person-to-,person. I.e., it is contagious.
Example – When a lady has a depressed boyfriend which she couldn’t change despite staying together always, it is then, certain that she gets depressed as well.

*Effects of depression*
1. Depression leads to lack of productivity. I.e the victim would not be able to carry out their duties as regard the organization’s requirements.
It is not possible for a depressed person to be productive.
2. Depression is contagious. Depression spreads from person to person.

*Way out/possible solutions*
1. Eat healthy.
2. Talk to someone.
3. Focus in your strength and think less of the problem.
4. Take life one step at a time.
5. Definitely, addiction is not a way out – Like an anonymous wanted says – *_Drink more water ~than sniper_* 😆


#Noble Gi-stars

Asisat, Chiamaka And Uchenna Among List For 2019 CAF Award…

Asisat Oshoala, Chiamaka Nnadozie and Uchenna Kanu of the Super Falcons of Nigeria have been nominated for the 2019 African Women’s Player of the Year award by Confederation of African Football (CAF).

The three Nigerian football stars who play for FC Barcelona Femení, Rivers Angels and Southeastern Fire respectively, were shortlised alongside seven other African footballers for the award.

Asisat, Chiamaka and Uchenna nominated for 2019 African Women?s Player of the Year award

Oshoala, who has won the award three times is favourite to win it again for the fourth time.


EFCC Set Up Special Panel To Investigate Air Peace CEO, Allen’s Fraud Accusations…

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has set up a special panel charged with investigating the $44.9 million wire fraud and money laundering case against Air Peace Chief Executive, Allen Onyema.

A source in the antigraft agency who spoke with The Nation, said the EFCC probe is to amongst other things, determine if Onyema is fronting for some politically exposed persons in the country.

“Upon the receipt of the charges, the EFCC chairman raised a team to probe the allegations against Onyema Eghagha, who were prominently mentioned in the indictment charges by the United States Government. The EFCC team is working on what I may term the ‘Nigerian components’ of the indictment including suspicious huge transfer of funds abroad, alleged abuse of letters of credit and money laundering.

“In fact, the Acting EFCC Chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Magu directed the team members to work round the clock at the weekend because it is a case we must work on with speed. We are also interested in the roles played by two banks in the country including one that has been on our radar for a while for money laundering. This same bank was implicated in the $115million poll bribery scam in 2015 for which former Minister of Petroleum Resources Diezani Alison-Madueke is wanted for trial.

“We need to act because in the indictment, the US indicated its plans to freeze some funds linked with Onyema in some accounts within and outside its jurisdiction. It is standard practice to have collaboration with sister organisations all over the world. We cannot wait till the last minutes before playing our roles.”

Speaking further, the source said

“Certainly, our crack team will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the activities and remittances into the accounts of the four non-governmental organisations (NGOs) /non-profit groups of Onyema. Our immediate suspicion is that these four groups are likely to be tools for money laundering. The Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), tax bodies and other agencies will assist on the status of these organisations.

“We have directed our detectives to ascertain or otherwise if Onyema is allegedly serving as a front for some politically exposed persons (PEPs).

The EFCC may also investigate other persons or groups that have assisted Onyema in one way or the other on the allegations against him. The indictment spoke of known and unknown persons.”

The US Department of Justice have accused Onyema alongside his airlines Chief of Administration and Finance, Ejiroghene Eghagha, of “moving more than $20 million from Nigeria through some United States banks in a scheme involving false documents based on the purchase of airplanes.”

Eghagha, who is the international airline’s Chief of Administration and Finance, was also accused of bank fraud and committing aggravated identity theft in connection with the scheme.

The US government In the charges against Onyema and Eghagha, accused them of using the money laundered to buy luxury cars, including a Rolls Royce for $180,000 and Mercedes for $88, 500 among others.

Onyema was also said to have spent thousands of dollars on personal purchases at Atlanta Georgia locations of Prada, Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, Louis Vuitton, the Apple Store and various airlines.


Man charged for extorting money from ladies by threatening them with their nudes in Lagos…

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested one Chuks Emmanuel,for extorting money from ladies he had sex with at the Egbeda area of the state.

According to the police, Emmanuel has been on the police wanted list for a long time after several complains from his female victims. The females alleged that the suspect would ask them out on Facebook using a fake name and once they get to their meeting point which is usually a hotel, he would manipulate them into having sex, take their nude photos and then threaten to release them online if they do not give him money.

Following several complains, the police decided to investigate the matter. Luck ran out on Emmanuel after the police used a female to set him up and he fell to the bait.

When interrogated, Emmanuel denied the claims, saying the ladies voluntarily offered him sex and money.

“I came to Lagos few months ago and things were very rough for me. As I could no longer bear hunger. I thought on how to survive and the thought of getting some ladies that I would have sex with and blackmail them thereafter. I thought of the most vulnerable and I discovered that the best target should be the matured and single ladies. I opened a Facebook account with the name Dr. Chibuzor, MD/ CEO Health Wellbeing Therapy. I started sending friend requests to ladies on Facebook. My efforts paid off as single and matured ladies started accepting my friend’s requests. I would send a request to those who I suspected maybe lonely. I started chatting with them, from chatting; the relationship would develop to love and affection.

When I gained their confidence, I would request to meet with them in any of the three choice hotel that I used. They would honour my invitation, for them to feel that I was a big guy, I would tell them to give me their location where my boy would come and pick them .I would go and pick them, pretending to be an errand boy to the big man who invited them. Already I would have paid for a hotel room. When we arrived the rooms, I would check my victims in and asked them to relax, as my master would soon arrive. After about two and half hours, I would come back to the room and inform that my master would no longer be around as an important official assignment took him to outside duty from Lagos. It is at that moment that I would start working on their brains; telling them her how I would assist if they would agree to have sex with me. They usually agree and after sex, I would demand for money from them and they willingly give me.

I was not using diabolical means .I think they succumbed out of fear or that they needed sex. There was one that surprised me most, as I touched her breast; she started shouting that I should not waste time in doing it. This is a woman that was denied sex for a long period of time. She is now claiming that I raped her. Many ladies out there are sex starved. I did not rape any of my victims. They willingly gave their bodies to me. They also gave me money for the best reasons known to them. May be, they were afraid that I would expose their nude photographs on the Internet, but that never crossed my mind. I have questions for my victims: did any of them raise the alarm when I was raping them and why did they not report to the hotel managements? I was using three hotels. None of the hotels that I was using has ever complained that I raped anyone in their hotel rooms.

“What has happened has happened, let us treat the matter the way it is. I did not rape or intimidate anyone. I am not saying that what I did was right, because I lured them to the hotels and used their brains so as to have sex with them. I also collected money from them after sex. The last one that put me in trouble was a lady that paid N55, 000. She told her friend about how I collected the money after sleeping with her, so her friend decided to fight for her.

“She reported the matter to the police who advised her to send me a friend’s request and I accepted the request. She booked appointment with me in a hotel. While we were discussing at the pool side, the police picked me .It was at the police station that I was told my offences.”

A manager of one of the hotels where he uses said he was shocked about the rape claims made by the ladies because he never heard anyone of them scream when they were alone in the room with the suspect.

“I know Emmanuel very well. He has brought female friends three times. The thing is that I am still shocked with what I am hearing, because none of the female visitors had raised the alarm that she was being raped. The rule in our hotel is that once a lodger has a visitor and he or she is checking out, two of them must leave together .We won’t allow anyone to leave without knowing the condition of the other person” .

Bala Elkana, spokesperson of the state police command says further investigation into the matter is being conducted.


My client, dansuki got rearrested after bail at the dss gate but they claimed that he decided to stay in their custody.. Ahmed Raji (SAN)

Ahmed Raji (SAN), detained former National Security Adviser (NSA) Sambo Dasuki’s lawyer has debunked the Department of State Service (DSS) claim that his client opted to stay in their custody instead of prison.

Raji who alleged that the statement released by the DSS is a contradiction of the events that have taken place since 2015, wondered why someone who has been granted bail on numerous occassions will want to remain in the custody of a security agency.

He further stated that no further investigation has been carried out nor new charges filed since Dasuki was re-arrested in December 2015 at Kuje Prison gate.

He said: “This statement, as alluring as it sounds, is a contradiction of the events that have taken place since 2015, when charges were first preferred against Col. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (rtd).

“It is therefore most incorrect and inaccurate to claim that Col. Dasuki prayed the Court to be kept in DSS facility. This is far from the truth. Perhaps, there is no synergy between the Counsel appearing for the government in Dasuki matters and the DSS hierarchy.

“Consequently, we appeal to all Authorities, and principally – DSS, to comply with the various extant Orders of the Court, by immediately releasing Col. Dasuki (rtd).

“On 3rd November 2015, the Federal High Court – Abuja, after admitting Col. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (rtd) to bail on self-recognizance, granted him leave to travel abroad for a three-week medical consultation, on account of failing health.

“As expected of an individual seeking to enjoy the bail terms granted by the Court and the constitutionally protected presumption of innocence in his favour, Col. Mohammed Sambo Dasuki (rtd) attempted to seek the necessary medical attention but Officers of the DSS laid siege on his house in Asokoro, in brazen defiance of the Order of Court; and thereby deliberately disallowed him from accomplishing the terms of the Order.

“The Federal Government, while confirming the continued detention of Col. Dasuki, explained that such actions were due to the severity of the alleged offences. Excerpts of these events were well stated in several reports of National Dailies of 31st December, 2015.

“In complying with the due process of law, Col. Dasuki filed processes seeking to extend the travel period granted by the Federal High Court and DSS vehemently opposed the application, and continued to barricade Col. Dasuki’s residence.

“Shortly thereafter, two separate Charges were preferred against him at the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja in Charge No. FCT/CR/42/2015 & Charge No. FCT/CR/43/2015 against Col. Dasuki, while DSS continued to detain him on purported investigation on allegations of money laundering offences.

“Bail was subsequently granted on the charges on December 21, 2015 and December 18, 2015, terms of which were duly complied with.

“Consequently, he was released by the Kuje Prison authorities where he was remanded, but on stepping out of the gate of the Prison, he was seized by the men of DSS and he has been kept by them since”.

Saggy Boobs Matter Founder, Chidera Eggerue Promised Men Of Jumping Hoops To S×X Her In The Future As She Stops. (Trending..)

Feminist blogger and founder of Saggy Boobs Matter, Chidera Eggerue has revealed that she’s stopped having sex and for her potential suitors they will have to ‘jump through hoops’ if they want to bed her in the future.

The 24-year-old author from Peckham, London, behind Sunday Times Best-Selling guide to being single ‘What A Time To Be Alone’, disclosed that she took a break from sex last year.

Speaking at Stylist Live LUXE, the activist, who founded the ‘Saggy Boobs Matter campaign’, said that she feels ‘good enough to ask for more’ and won’t be jumping into bed with anyone unless they work for it.

She said: ‘I spent this year deciding that I am worthy enough and good enough to ask for more.

‘I will not grant anyone intimate access to me unless they jump through specified hoops I have laid down for them.

‘So anyone who wants intimate access to me will have to sweat for it. They will have to sweat for it. A lot.’

The blogger also told the audience to invest in ‘really good sex toys’. rather than embarking on a relationship.

She said: ‘When you invest in really good sex toys and you take the time to really know your body, then within 10 minutes (or maybe even five) you will get the answers to your problems really easily, without even having to go to their house.’

Border Closure: Yemi Osinbajo Revealed Benefits Attached, Seek Nigerians Patience.


The Vice President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, yesterday, urged Nigerians to endure the high cost of commodities occasioned by closure of the country’s borders, saying that the closure of the borders was to ensure farmers in Nigeria are prosperous.

‎Spoke at a town hall meeting in Benin City as part of activities of the ongoing National Festival for Arts and Culture, Osinbajo explained that part of the reason for the border closure was to get attention of neighbouring countries to take more seriously the question of policing the borders.

Read… Border Closure: ‘No Pain, No Gain’ Nigerians Must Endure! – Lai Mohammed.

‎He said other prosperous nations did not allow any country bring goods into their countries but opted to grow what they eat, noting that smuggling discouraged local production and does not allow Nigeria farmers have access to market.

“Part of the reasons for shutting the border is the smuggling that has been going on. If we continue to allow the Chinese and others to continue to bring in all those things, we will kill farming completely and most of our people will not be employed.

”There may be some pain in other to gain. The countries of the world that are prosperous didn’t allow anybody to bring in anything to their country. They made sure they grew what they eat. I can assure you that very soon you will see a great deal of progress, you will see more of our own commodity coming into the market. If we allow our own people grow these things, our people will prosper. The only way our people can prosper is if we let them use the opportunity that they have such as farming, fishing and others.

‎”We are going to make sure that commodities are cheaper. We must bear in mind that the reason today some commodities are more expensive is because we stopped smuggling. We have to encourage our local farmers so that our local farmers can prosper,” the Vice President said.

‎He commended Governor Godwin Obaseki for the vision to seeking to reposition Edo State as a foremost destination for investment and tourism, saying that Edo was blazing in the direction of diversifying the country’s economy and moving the nation in the direction of revenue beyond oil.

‎“Tourism is one sector which had untold potential for growth, Edo State is blazing the train in this direction. By showcasing its rich heritage, Edo State will attract global attention for all of the right reasons.

“It is apt that the Edo State Government is pursuing a cultural agenda that include the recovery of the lost treasures of the Benin Kingdom from all of the places they were taken to across the world. The invasion of the Benin Kingdom would have ended a lesser civilisation instead the royal dynasty survived and the legacy of Benin endured not only through the lineage of the noble royal houses but also in the evident resilience of the people”, Osinbajo said.

‎In his remark, Governor Obaseki said his administration was committed to leveraging on the state’s cultural capital to drive investment to the tourism sector, disclosing that tourism was the key pillar of his administration’s agenda and the next level was to translate these cultural assets into a force that attracts international tourists traffic.

‎”For us, entering the next level means manifesting the greatness of Edo State through tourism as one of the passways of sustaining growth and prosperity in post oil future. We believe that Edo State can serve as a path finder for the nation in the post oil economy. We recognise that culture and tourism are powerful tools for this progress,” he said.


BBNaija: Ivy Nina An Hubby Reacts To Strange Whatsapp Message. (Check..)

BBNaija’s Nina and her new man, Tony, have reacted to the alleged Whatsapp chat between his ex-girlfriend and himself. Recall that earlier today, a certain lady named Queen Ireta took to instagram to accuse Nina of flying down to Atlanta to sleep with her man, Tony, for just $200. Queen also released a purported Whatsapp chat between herself and Tony in which he was apologising for hanging out with Nina.

Well, Nina and Tony have reacted to the alleged Whatsapp chat. Tony in his post insists that whatever he had with Queen is in the past. See their reactions as posted on their respective Instagram pages below…

See Reactions

BBNaija: Nina Reacts as woman accuse her of snatching her hubby for $200 exchange.

About 24-hours ago, ex-Big Brother Naija Housemate Nina shared a photo seemingly showing off her new man.Nina shared a photo of them kissing and she captioned it, ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’.This morning however, she was dragged by another lady simply identified as ‘Queen Ireta’ who took to Instagram to claim the man in question and went on to accuse Nina of sleeping with her man for ‘$200’.In her words, ‘Nina please leave my man alone, you came to Atlanta to sleep with my man for $200. Aint you shameless. We have been dating for three years. So please leave my man alone. She even blocked me on her page,
The lady went on to share a screenshot of a Whatsapp conversation which she claims was between herself and the man in question, where he admitted to having sex with Nina.In her response on Friday morning October 18, Nina simply Tweeted, ‘Still sleeping please don’t wake me up. $200 … Yudunminit? Later guys. Lemme enjoy my sleep biko’.

See Nina’s response below….

N4.5 Million Debts for bag, I am a debtor – Tonto dikeh reveals.

Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh has revealed that she is currently owing her personal shopper the sum of 4.5million for two bags she ordered.The mother of one made this known in one of the posts she shared on Instagram.The actress had shared an image with the words:

Someone just asked me if me too I dont live fake life..My dear i do oo, I am still owing my personal shopper 4.5million for 2 bags I placed order from..Instead of me to pay her shebi I buy phone and posted…”Dikeh captioned the post:“I am a shameless woman oooo….
Lemme tell them that my life isnt perfect too
I will pay you soon boo”

Do You know who 2face is to me? – Tacha finally open up about snubbing 2face.

Reality TV star Tacha has cleared air on speculations that she rubbished ace singer Tuface during his visit to the big brother house.

Recall that there were perceptions that the Port Harcourt’s first daughter had snubbed Tuface while other housemates embraced him.

But in an interview with Dotun of CoolFM, Tacha debunked the claims saying it was just a misconception.

According to her, the particular scene can be attributed to moment Big brother called all housemate,

She said her reaction could have come after she thought Biggie wanted to ask them to maintain a particular state.

“I saw a video they said Tacha snubbed Tuface and I was like no … I love Tuface, in the house, we don’t get to see people and when anybody comes to the house, it’s a big deal, we don’t even want you to go”

“I don’t even remember but from the little detail i was getting, you know we do ‘freeze’ in the house especially when there is an event, biggie calls like housemates.”

Tacha added

BBNaija: WOW, What A Question! – Tacha Finally Speaks On Eviction.

Reality star, Tacha had an interview session today at Cool FM and she was asked how she felt about her disqualification.

She was asked if her disqualification was an unfair treatment or if she feels she personally contributed to it.

Responding to the question, Tacha said;

”WOW! Such a question! Oh my God! (Laughs) wow wow wowwow uhmmm Biggie’s house Biggie’s rules, everything is at Biggie’s discretion.

Omo at the end of the day everything went fine and good. I had a very great time in the house. It was fun. Interesting and it’s still a learning process“.

BBNaija: Biggie was the only sexy housemate, he tried to turn me on once – Tacha Narrates.

Tacha has revealed that the only person she was attracted to while in the BBNaija 2019 Pepper Dem house was Biggie.

The 23-year-old social media influencer popular for her activities on Instagram and BBNaija made this revelation during an interview with Dot2un and Kemi Smallz on a radio show, Midday Oasis.

When asked who she was attracted to during her 89-day stay in the house, Tacha said;

“I was attracted to Biggie. I was attracted to his voice and Biggie once turned me on. When Frodd won the Ultimate Veto Power and it was nomination night, he called Tacha and after calling other nominees, he called Tacha again and when I queried, he said, Tacha, no leave, no transfer and that turned me on. I was like wow, Biggie did that for me.”

Speaking on her stay in the house, Tacha said;

“I’ve learned a lot in the house. Biggie is incredible and I feel it’s a platform everyone should experience if they could. My highlight was going into the house, every process was deliberate.

“I am learning, I am 23, it’s not a reason, but I am learning not to pay attention to things that don’t matter and just walk away. I can be hot-headed… My energy in the house surprises me now, it’s not a good thing, but I’m learning.”

On what she loves about Davido to have gotten the OBO crest in between her boobs, Tacha said the singer’s drive and strength are what she loves and admires.

“Yeah, I love Davido. David was the inspiration behind my having the OBO tattoo. You know David has this drive regardless of everything, he still has that drive and strength and it’s what I admire. I want to be Tacha that the world will know and still act like upcoming,”

She told Dot2un.

Tacha also revealed that she’s been listening to Wizkid’s ‘Joro’ as well as Rudeboy’s ‘Audio Money’. However, she says her favourite music act at the moment is Joeboy.

NFF Persuaded Me Not To Leave In 2013 – John Mikel Obi Reveals.

Former Lyn Oslo, Chelsea, Middlesbrough and Super Eagles player, John Mikel Obi, has revealed how he would have left the national team in 2013, but finally changed his mind and left six years later.

Mikel Obi, who is Nigeria’s most decorated player, with trophies like the Carling cup, EPL, UEFA champions League and AFCON among his accolades, finally said goodbye to the national team after thirteen years following the Super Eagles third place finish at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations.

Mikel participated in five different Africa Cup of Nations and captained the Super Eagles for a large portion of his career until he hung up his boots for the national team in June 2019, but now plays for Trabzonspor of Turkey.

Mikel, who had a spat with head coach Gernot Rohr during the last AFCON, believes he had to retire to give the young ones a chance and allow himself focus on club football.

”I served the national team for 13 years, most of them captain. In this period, we have achieved significant successes as a team,” Mikel said in an interview with Trabzonspor’s official magazine.

”I first wanted to leave in 2013, but as a result of our negotiations with the authorities, I decided to continue”.

Mikel decided to retire from the national team because he wanted to give the younger players a chance and also focus on his club career.

”We currently have very talented young players. They’re all bright. I think these players can handle the challenges. I had to make room for them.

”Besides, I don’t have many years for football in front of me. I want to focus on my team in the remaining period,” Mikel added.

Mikel played 89 games for Nigeria, making him the country’s third most capped player behind Vincent Enyeama and Joseph Yobo.