Comedian Taaooma in Trouble!


He mentioned that Taaooma however, refused to look into his complaints and her reply was him to either take it or leave it without any refund.

A filmmaker identified as @Olaondeck on Twitter has called out famous comedian and content maker, Taaooma over an N1.5million deal.

According to @Olaondeck, he paid Taaooma a huge sum of N1.5million for an advert and she did not give value for the money.


In his words;

“Paid Taaooma 1.5m… She shot video and the client doesn’t like the work done. And her position is Take it or Leave it…
We are not asking for a full refund but as least a sense of concession will go a long way.. 1.5m gone like that… And you guys wonder how Maraji fell off? For those of you asking ” What did Maraji do?” Maraji didn’t do anything in this situation and she’s a fantastic storyteller… However, ask anyone who has worked with her and her team, she’s not the easiest person to work with. Hence, the reason for the honest comparison”

See how social media users reacted to this;

@ahmakah wrrote “Taaoma abi tomatoe is not even funny. She’s yet to make me laugh. Including caramel plugg. They all try too hard! I wonder why you have to give her that kind of money. Nawa o”


@abbygold_globalconcept wrote “She will shoot it till it gets perfect, d rsn Y u contacted her in d first place is bcos u know she can do it. And I guess u signed an agreement. Just ask her to perfect it, not refund d money.”

@aldolina__ wrote “Una get money to waste sha. Who dy even give taaoma 1.5 Mtchewwww”

@wuhmi wrote “I don’t understand 1.5 for just ad? Or I’m I missing something”

@amaka_8 wrote “Why are you asking for a refund? Where you told that you could come back for your money if your client rejects it? So the time and resources she used in shooting should be funded by who? You are the one that is not considerate by calling her out to the public like this. What you should be asking for is a remake or something close to it and not a refund. She can choose to give you something out of her kindness if she feels like and not the other way round.”


@oprah_adesuwa wrote “Bcos she is a woman abi una dey ment. Its not her biz if u dont like the video. She has done it and thats it. NEXT!”

@retha_medae wrote “@amaka_8 I think what they should be requesting for is a remake not a refund cos no matter how terrible the skit was she must have spent some cash making it but am not sure the lady in question is ready for that either.”