N140BN: Fintiri signs 2021 budget into law


Speaking at the ceremony in Yola, Fintiri said that 52 per cent of the budget was for capital expenditure, while 48 per cent was for recurrent expenditure.

Gov. Ahmadu Fintiri of Adamawa on Saturday signed the state N140 billion 2021 budget into law.

According to him, the budget is the first of its kind in the history of the state.

“This is cristal budget of stabilisation which will see to more value addition, more infrastructure development to our people and human capital development for the sustainace of our democracy.“Democracy without physical infrastructure will not carry us anywhere.

“For us to develop the democracy, we need to work tirelessly with the available resources.


“In 2020 we witnessed lots of economic challenges due to COVID-19 pandemic,” he said.
Fintiri assured that the people would witness lots of projects like road, schools, hospitals and the human capital development in 2021.

He added that a large chunk of the budget was set aside for women and youth empowerment to train them to became better citizens of the society.