Obaseki’s ally collapse during second term inaugural


Obaseki had earlier in his speech said his re-election for a second term is hope for democracy as a participatory government.

The Aide-De-Camp to Governor Godwin of Edo State on Thursday, collapsed while the governor was giving his speech during inauguration .

Noble Reporters Media observed that Obaseki was sworn-in for second term on Thursday.

Half way into his speech, the ADC collapsed, but the governor continued with his speech.

According to Obaseki, democracy and participatory government is facing a crisis of confidence locally and globally, and thanked “President Muhammadu Buhari for allowing the will of the people to prevail in Edo State.”

Obaseki said given the challenges democracy had faced, “It is gratifying that Edo State is taking on this onerous task of restoring faith in democracy.

“What you, my dear people of Edo State, achieved on September 19 is the restoration of confidence in democracy and its institutions.


“We have become a point of reference on how the will of the people can triumph in a democracy that functions properly.

“My reelection represents new hope. I see myself as a vessel in the redefinition of democracy in Nigeria and I am not unaware of the enormous responsibility this places on me.

“Aside from the fact that it restores hope in democracy, our victory also offers an opportunity for us to bridge the gap between a challenged past and a promising future.

“It is time to heal. We are kith and kin with a common destiny. Let’s stop dwelling in the past. It time to take our common destiny in our hands and commence the odious task of making Edo great again.”