US Election: Police arrest over 50 Anti-Trump protesters in L.A, Manhattan


The protest, which was organised by the group Refuse Fascism, was held nationwide against Trump’s response to the election results.

About 63 protesters taking part in a march against President Donald Trump have been arrested in Manhattan and Los Angeles as the nation waits a second night for an outcome to the presidential election.

According to the New York Police Department spokesperson, 60 of the protesters were arrested around 8:00pm as protesters made their way through streets in the borough’s West Village neighborhood in Manhattan.


Three protesters were also arrested in downtown Los Angeles’ Pershing Square Wednesday evening for an unlawful assembly.

“(Trump) claims victory demanding that the counting be stopped immediately — with millions of ballots yet to be counted, overwhelmingly from the urban cores where Black and Latino voters are concentrated,” Refuse Fascism said in a news release on Wednesday.

The protest began at around 3:30pm as police called the crowd “large and unruly,” and at around 7:30pm, an unlawful assembly was declared at Fifth and Hill streets and Los Angeles police officers surrounded the protesters.

“You have five minutes to disperse,” one LAPD officer was heard telling the protesters over a megaphone.


Officers cleared the scene by 9:00pm, police said.

Police arrested three people, two for failure to disperse and one for assault on an officer.

There were no injuries.

Trump had on Wednesday morning falsely asserted election fraud, pledged to mount a legal challenge to official state results and made a premature claim of victory in a bitterly contested race that may take days to resolve.


In remarks at the White House, Trump claimed that he won several states that were still counting ballots including in Georgia, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

On Wednesday, his main challenger and candidate of Democratic Party in the US election, Joe Biden, said he was confident that his party will secure the required electoral votes to win the race while thanking Americans for their support.

He currently has 264 electoral college votes while President Donald Trump, his rival, has 214 electoral votes.

A minimum of 270 votes are needed to win the election.