US Election: Trump humiliated in Texas as Biden score 11 votes ahead of him


Final results for Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are unlikely to be ready for several days, according to Reuters.

Texas went to Donald Trump despite previous hints of Biden’s growing support, according to the AP.

So far at the time of this publication, Trump has gathered 213 electoral votes while Biden has gathered 224.


Donald Trump also won the battleground state of Florida, scoring a crucial victory over challenger Joe Biden. The loss of the southern state would have meant an almost certain loss for the incumbent.

However, the Democratic candidate is still in the race, with his aides hoping for wins in other key states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Trump scored victories in Iowa and Montana, with the two states giving him a total of nine electoral votes.


He also bagged Ohio, another key battleground state which carries 18 electoral votes.

The northern US state of Minnesota has gone to Biden, according to the AP news agency.

Biden also won the US state of Hawaii, adding another four votes in the electoral college to his camp.

The Secretary of State for the key battleground state of Michigan was doubtful that final unofficial results would be available before Wednesday night.