Mr. Woodberry pleads not guilty to multiple fraud charges | Details


Olalekan Ponle better known as Woodberry has pleaded not guilty before Magistrate Judge Jeffrey Cummings of the United States District Court in Illinois.

Woodberry was arrested, alongside Ramon Abbas aka Hushpuppi in Dubai on June 10 for multiple fraud charges and extradited to the US on July 2.

Mr. Ponle was charged with scamming U.S. companies in Iowa, Michigan, Kansas, California and New York amounting to millions of dollars.

The U.S. court dismissed the fraud case against Woodberry but the grand jury arraignment which amounted his offenses to eight counts charge remains active.

Mr. Ponle accepted the receipt of his indictment and pleaded not guilty to all the eight counts when he appeared in court on Saturday.


Media documents (known to Noble Reporters Media) read,

“Defendant appears in response to his arrest on 7/2/20. Attorney, Michael Nash, appears on behalf of the defendant. Defendant informed of the charges against him as well as of the possible sentence fine if convicted of those charges.”

“Arraignment proceedings held, Defendant acknowledges receipt of the Indictment, waives formal reading, and enters a plea of not guilty to each count in which he is named,”

Woodberryi is currently being held by United States Marshals Service and may be jailed for 20 years if guilty of the crimes.