The Undertaker, to be made high Judge of WWE after his retirement


When you’re looking for locker room leaders in WWE, you need to look no further than The Undertaker.

For three decades, he was – and still is – the most respected man backstage. His incredible career has earned him that respect from his peers.

Being The Undertaker in his heyday had its perks too. During his time on the road, he was often appointed as judge of the Wrestlers’ Court.

Not sure exactly what Wrestlers’ Court is? Let The Undertaker himself explain that.


“Wrestlers’ Court was a light-hearted way to get the message across that you’re screwing up,” he said during a bonus episode of The Last Ride.

“Your co-workers know you’re screwing up and they don’t appreciate it.”

In simple terms, anyone deemed to be causing an issue backstage would be tried in court and if Undertaker and the jury found you guilty, you’d face punishment – just like a normal trial.

WWE stars would face trial in court

So what punishments did The Deadman hand out? Well, a few of his fellow WWE legends have told all.

“I was brought up at Wrestlers’ Court one time,” Mick Foley revealed.

“Al Snow and I were judged guilty of leaving Bob Holly hanging at the airport (driving off without him) while we went on carnival rides.

“Apparently leaving one of the other guys hanging was a serious offence.”

Foley was called to court on one occasion

Two-time Hall of Famer Scott Hall then added: “If you were accused, ‘Taker would render judgement. All drinks are on you tonight, or whatever it might be.”

The Godfather went into further detail about Undertaker’s punishments:

“It was usually a case of beer, a bottle of Jack Daniels. [Or] ‘you have to pay for my hotel room for three days, or my rental car for a week’. Those were usually the outcomes.”

The Undertaker handed out punishments

Very interesting indeed. While Wrestlers’ Court was once seen as highly controversial, Undertaker’s version sounds pretty fair. In fact, Edge claims they were a ‘good laugh’.

“A lot of times it would be a good laugh, honestly. You’d go there and it’s a ridiculous spectacle,” he said.

But, the message was often stern and for Undertaker and he always wanted to see a reaction from those accused.

Undertaker wanted to hand out advice too


“You might get called out and get embarrassed. But it’s what do you do with it from there. I tried to give some type of advice, so there was content or merit to what was happening.

“Anything you can do to alleviate the stress and tension of the road. It was more times than not, good harmless fun.”

Check out the video below where WWE legends discuss The Undertaker’s court:

Brilliant. We wonder if a retired Undertaker will still preside over Wrestlers’ Court on the odd occasion?

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