‘This is just a tip of an iceberg’ – Ibrahimovic


AC Milan have enjoyed a complete turnaround in their fortunes since January when Zlatan Ibrahimovic rejoined the club, and the Swede has hit back at those who suggest he is set for retirement, confirming that he’s not finished, but rather just warming up.

After a career in which he has won trophies with Juventus, Inter, Milan, Barcelona and Manchester United, Ibrahimovic would be forgiven for calling it a day.

However, the criticism and opinion of others continues to fuel him and he has left nobody in any doubt of his next move, despite the fact he will be 39 years old in October.

“People think I’m finished and that my career is over, but they don’t know me, I’m not finished, I’m not like you people, you are not Zlatan, I’m just warming up,” Ibrahimovic declared on Twitter.


“I’ve had to fight all my life, nobody believed in me so I had to believe in myself.

“People who want to break me make me stronger, others tried to take advantage of me but they made me smarter.”

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