[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 25 (Final Saga)


𝑩𝒓𝒂𝒏𝒅𝒐𝒏 🥱 – Test comes in this week and i promise you if we share this child together i’ll take care of him and you through and through i can promise u dat ✈️💕🙌🏽

𝑨𝒂𝒍𝒊𝒚𝒂𝒉- Look B… I’ve been telling you that he’s yours from the get go and all you need is a piece of paper to make you believe me????
Just know even when the results do come in 99.9% me and my son are good he already has someone in his life you’re not needed so go on and LIVE YOUR LIFE … hope you find peace❤️🙃

Oh how the table have turned the day Brandon denied my child and then walked out saying he hopes i find peace. No amount of money
in the world could make me drop to his knees and forgive his disrespectful ass.
I tossed my phone to the other side of the bed hitting Chris.

“Damn, aye watch where you throwing shit love,” He said rubbing his knee.

I started giggling, “I’m sorry bae i didn’t know your leg was right there.”

I got up from the couch and go into the bathroom then i feel something trickling down my thigh. I know my grown ass ain’t just pee on my-.
Then woosh a big amount of warm water just came out.

“CHRISTIAN” I yelled

“CHRISTIANNNNNNNNN!” I was holding the sink counter.

“Liyah the hell you yelling my nam-” He said opening the door

“Umm my water kinda broke,” I started laughing by the look on his face.

He was just there stuck in the door way his jaw dropped at the sight of me.


“Boy shut up and get me my gray tights and call the hospital QUICK”

He tossed me my tights i changed and collapsed on the couch that’s when the contractions started to kick in i hear Chris on the phone arguing with the front desk person. She’s saying i can’t come in until my contractions are 4 to 5 minutes apart.


The day me and my pops prayed for draft day is finally here and you know the vibes. Me and pops pulling up to the barber shop to get that fresh cut.
As i walk in i hear.
“there goes the neighborhood hero,” Somebody said.

“Mr.NBA,” I’m proud of you son Daylin said as i was walking up to him dapping him up.

“You know i has comeback to the O.G to get this special cut it’s only right g,” I said.

“How you feeling big dawg”

“Mannn ion even know to tell you, the whole community has been just waiting on this day.”

“So what we doing today.”

“Just line me up and cut the top off.”

Everyone looked at me as i said that i started to laugh.

“You had this same hair cut for god knows how long now you wanna chop it all off well i’ll be damned,” My barber said

“Shiiit i ain’t complain dale gon head and cut if off before he gets second thought i been telling that boy to chop it down forever,” My pops said

“I’m feeling like a new man now about to start this new chapter time to do new things.”

Before i head back to the hotel i went to go see my mama at the crib. I walked through the door seen everyone there my aunts, uncles, friends even Julyssa my mom ran up to me.

“i’m so proud of you son words can’t even explain, i just love you so much Brandon,” She was crying tears of joy

“Love you too ma imma have you not working in a couple of days” I said wiping her tears.

I greeted everyone then i seen Julyssa sitting on the couch on her phone. I attempted to walk right past he but she grabbed my hand.

“I know you didn’t just ATTEMPT to walk past me and not say anything,” She looked in shock.

I wish i could close this whole “Julyssa” chapter already in my life but we stuck for the next 18 years at least.

“My bad i for real ain’t see you it’s just a lot going through my head.”

She rolled her eyes and walked away.

I went up to my room to grab my chain i forgot. Then i hear a knock on my doo.

“Come in”

It was my mama with a envelope the letter we’ve all been waiting for.

“Well Brandon here’s your results,” She handed me the envelope sealed.

“Can i get some privacy ma i just wanna he alone when i open this.”

“Love you son,” She said waking out the door.

Here it is this test determines if i’ve been a complete ass to Aaliyah this whole time or shes just another groupie begging for attention. I’ve been sitting here with this letter for three minutes acting like if this is life or death for me. Damn i could potentially be having 2 kids on the way. I fuck with YoungBoy but i sure don’t wanna be like him with all these baby mamas. You know what fu—

“Brandon come on boy you got 40 min to get to the hotel we gotta go NOW,” My dad swung the door open.

“Aight pops imma be down lemme get my chain and shoes,” Said

Honestly this can wait i’m about the be on national tv as the number one draft pick. I put the letter in one of my old shoe boxes in the back of my closet and grabbed my chain and shoes. My mom stoped me before walking out the door giving me a look. I shook my head no. She had a sign of relief that came out on her face. I smiled walking out the door and getting in the car pops in the drivers seat.

“Your mom told me you got the test back you took awhile ago that’s why you was cooped up in that room.”

“Yea i just needed a moment,” I replied.

“So what did it say?,” He looked at me

“No grand children anytime soon boss.”

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