[Story] » HOOP | Season 1 – Episode 24


“I’ll catch you later coach i got somewhere to go,” I said opening the gym doors.
Time to get the truth i guess. I drove to the Center which was 30 mins away from campus gym. Not gone lie my hands are hella sweaty imma feel like i real asshole if those results come back 99%. On one hand it’s Like damn i was just out here denying my son and let another nigga pick up my slack, claiming my child and was gonna call him daddy. But on another hands i was just looking out for myself i’m not just gonna accept any female that comes to me saying she pregnant with my baby hell nah. Pulling up to the store office i see Aaliyah’s car nowhere in sight. Well i mean maybe BLANK was right she probably backed out and saved her self the embarrassment and the money because i sholl as hell wasn’t paying out of my pocket. I go inside anyways and walk up to the lady at the front desk she wasn’t looking too bad.

“Hi, Sir are you here for an appointment,” She said.

“Yea,Brandon Smith” I said biting my lip.

She stared to blush and started to enter my name in the system.

“Yep i see your name right here with an Ms. Aaliyah Cyril is she here with you?.”

“Nah i waiting on her,” I leaned on the desk.

“Brandon Smith huh i’ve heard of you before.”

“I mean i am the number draft prospect in the NBA,” I looked up and down

Her eyes widen when i said “NBA”

“Soooo what brings you here Mr. Number one draft pick,” She said

I can tell she’s feeling the kid i already know.

“A girl claims i got her pregnant and allat janky shit you know how that goes,” I rolled my eyes

“Well it looks like she’s a no show soo maybe i can take her place but the baby is 100% yours,” She bit the tip of her finger.

I heard a laugh behind me.

“You white hoes be some Athlete junkys FORREAL that was sad as fuck,” Aaliyah continued to laugh

I turned around and took her outside.

“Please don’t grab me like you’re my daddy nigga fuck wrong with you.”

“Why are you so late?” I questioned her.

“Well … Chris came home last night and didn’t sleep so i had to make sure he was good and i woke up late plus he doesn’t know about the whole ordeal so i had to wait till he actually fell asleep,” Aaliyah explained

“Damn you cou-”

I was interrupted by the girl at the front desk as she came outside.

“Sorry to interpret this conversation but the doctor is waiting so if y’all could come hurry and come inside that would be nice,” She said with an attitude then looked over and gave Aaliyah the most dirtiest look then went back inside.

I chuckled by the expression on Aaliyah’s face she was stuck.

She went to open the door.
I grabbed her and and pulled her back.

“Stop don’t go entertain her please,” I look her in the eyes.

Damn her eyes are beautiful especially in the sun when you can see the brown pop.

She rolled her eyes “Like your thot said the doctors waiting,” Aaliyah mocked the front desk girl.

We walked in together and seen the doctor out waiting.

“Sorry for the wait ma’am i was having some pregnancy issues.”

The doctor chuckled. “Whew tell me about it it’s alright come in.”

We walked straight into the room Aaliyah keeping her distance from me.

“Ok so Ms. Cyril if i’m correct?”

“Yes that’s me,” Aaliyah replied

“And i will be assuming you’re Mr. Brandon Smith?”

She looked over at me.

I looked up from my phone, “Uh yea that’s me.”

“So you two are here for a Noninvasive Prenatal Testing.”

“Yes,” We said in unison

“Okay so noninvasive test is the most accurate way to establish paternity during pregnancy. I will taking a blood sample from the alleged father and the mother to conduct a fetal cell analysis. Because blood from the placenta is present in the mother’s blood stream and The result is more than 99 percent accurate.”

“Okay so i’ll go first,” I said rolling up the sleeve of my hoodie.

“I’ll be outside im getting little claustrophobic in here.”

The doctor started to talk to me while preparing to taking my blood.

“My son is a really big fan of yours,” She said.

“Damn that’s cool tell him i said wassup,” I said.

I looked down at my phone then excused myself from the room.


SHIT! i didn’t tell Chris anything about me and brandon’s sit down or this whole DNA thing because i knew he would be opposed to it like he always says “Our son already has a father and that’s me no other way around,” and i will help me raise my child but i would just feel bad if i denied my son the chance of having his real father. So i answered this is no big deal i have nothing to hide.

“Hey babe”
“Wassup love where you at?”
“Um i am at the doctors office”
“Damn you had an appointment today why didn’t tell me?”
“I’m sorry babe you were sleeping so peacefully and i didn’t wanna wake my mans up for some petty

The nurse cane out of the room Ms. Cyril i’m ready for you.

“Alright i gotta go love you i’ll see you soon,” I hung up.

20 minutes pass by and she was finished taking my blood.

“Well we are all done here i will be mailing your test off and you should be receiving the test in the mail in about a good 2 weeks.”

“Thank you,” I said

“Alright preciate you doing this for us doc.”

“No problem and Brandon good luck at the draft if you don’t mind can i get a picture?” She said

I forgot Mr. Brandon Smith was gonna be an official “Baller” in a couple of days. I took there picture and me and Brandy headed off our separate ways.

AN: y’all the book is coming to an end soon, WHEW

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