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Aaliyah C .
Seeing them dirty ass comments that bitch had the audacity to comment has me heated as hell like My whole mood was ruined for the night and I didn’t even get to enjoy my baby shower because this bitch just kept commenting on Chris’s post .
julyssamarie this bitch tried to say my nigga is the father of that thing in her stomach like 😂
julyssamarie you played yourself he WOULD NEVER and COULD NEVER 💅🏻
julyssamarie on the episode of “FIND THIS HOS BABY DADDY” update she’s still blaming others
julyssamarie her baby is gonna be like “Happy Father’s Day mommy” Headass 😂😂😂😂😂😂
julyssamarie “Mommy where’s my daddy” “idc you might have seen seen him in the streets”
julyssamarie should’ve got an abortion 😩😩😩😩 babies cost a lot GOFUNDME COMMING SOON …
julyssamarie mmmhmm go vote on my Instagram poll if I should kick the bitch in the stomach 👏🏻👏🏻
And it just kept happening Chris seen wasn’t feeling the baby shower so he called Chez to help Krystal at the baby shower to load the gifts . Like how could Brandon let her do this type of shit like she’s lucky my ass is pregnant cause I would’ve been stomped and spit on that ugly ass ho .

“Yo Aaliyah what’s wrong” Chris said as I was sitting in the car with a straight face .

“Nothing I just wanna go home to post this Instagram picture” I lied

“Cut the bullshit I know you don’t ever trip off of some petty shit like that tell me what really up baby”

I handed him my phone showing him her comments .

“I swear I want that bitches head I’m dead the fuck serious” I said angry

“NAH CUT THAT you pregnant liyah you ain’t fighting nobody I’ll handle this shit just don’t entertain it”

And I wasn’t even gonna try Chris cause he was serious and as im get close to my date he’s been so over protective of me like I can’t even go somewhere without telling him like he has my location 24/7 it’s weird but cute in a way .
But besides all the bullshit Chris told me I was coming home with him and I finally post my pictures .

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Brandon S.
I woke up to a bunch of text and of course about Aaliyah having boy but checked my Instagram and seen “1solidchris wants to send you message”

I accepted it .

1solidchris control julyssa mane and tell her to quit speaking on my girl & her child mane that shit is disrespectful 💯.
brandon_steel idgaf nigga ain’t my problem
1solidchris it is gon be a problem when she gets touched fr
brandon_steel ain’t nobody gon touch SHIT you and that BITCH can fuck outta here with y’all bs
1solidchris so when she get stomped I told you to control yo bitch nigga
brandon_steel congrats your son tho
1solidchris nah mane congrats on ya boy deadbeat bitch
brandon_steel 😂😂😂 tell Aaliyah to HMU when she drop the baby I’m trynna hit again

He read my message but didn’t reply “Deadbeat bitch” that was actually funny as fuck but I don’t really care cause it ain’t my child and I don’t even know what the nigga is talking about like Julyssa ain’t worried about they dumbasses yea I like Aaliyah’s photo I mean she looked good as hell and I wasn’t joking I would most definitely fuck her again
no cap .

I was on my way to class and boom I see Krystal & Aaliyah as I walked past them I was given the hardest mean mug ever then I heard Krystal say
“Missed you at the baby shower B”

Why is she talking to me ?

“What Baby shower ?” I said

“Nigga don’t front like you ain’t like my picture” Aaliyah said

Well damn …

“And next time control ya bitch since she wants to talk shit on social media about my child and won’t see me in real life that she’s not untouchable and I’m gunning for that ho period !” Aaliyah said and then walked away

And it’s just me and Krystal just standing here because i guess we were both surprised about how Aaliyah just snapped.

“Brandon control ya female before shit get ugly DEADASS cause she’s talking with too much heat” She said then walked away too

Okay Damn what the fuck did Julyssa say to be having everybody mad .

I walked to Julyssa class and pulled her out .

“What’s the problem?” I asked her

“Tf is you talking about” She looked me up & down

“OH ! are you talking about that girl and the mutt she’s carrying inside of her” She rolled her eyes

“Why don’t you mind yo fucking business and stop creating problems” I grabbed her

“Don’t fucking touch me ! who are you and why are you talking to me like that especially over some ugly ass black bitch!” She was yelled

“You fucking do the fuck to much like damn, why I’m I here putting up with your bs bro QUIT TALKING ABOUT AN DAMN UNBORN CHILD AND GROW THE FUCK UP” I said backing her into a corner

“What do you mean why are you here like do you wanna break up Brandon cause your defending that dumb ho like she your girl”

“I ain’t say th-” She cut me off

“Nah fuck you Brandon” She spat in my face and crossed her arms

“Fuck you too bitch” I said walking away

I was never taught to call a woman a bitch but Julyssa was just getting on my last nerves like damn i don’t even feel sorry talking to her simple minded ass like that . I guess I was a single man now and good because i couldn’t come into the NBA tied down fuck no so I saved her tears because I was bound to slip up with all them NBA groupies .

Chris D .
I stepped outside of the doctors office because I didn’t wanna bother Aaliyah during her check up and I get a text

(225)3470428 – im here daddy
Chris – who ?
(225)3470428 – Hotel Indigo Atlanta Downtown, 230 Peachtree St NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 ( Room 130 )