West Bank Annexation: ‘Final Nail in Palestines’ coffin


Palestinians in Ramallah demonstrate against Israel’s plan to annex a third of the occupied West Bank and Jordan Valley.

But Israeli military and intelligence officials have warned the move could cause an uprising in the West Bank, which would be a grave security risk for Israel.

Furthermore, the plan has been met with condemnation by the Palestinian public, their leaders and the global community alike.

‘Another catastrophe’
“I’m angry because this is history repeating itself,” said Zeina Mustafa, a 20-year-old student from Ramallah.

“The annexation plan is another Nakba [catastrophe] and Naksa [day of setback],” she added, referring to the 1948 Palestinian exodus that saw more than 700,000 Palestinian Arabs expelled from their homes and an Israeli state declared, and the 1967 Six-Day War after that saw Israel take control of the West Bank from Jordan and the Gaza Strip from Egypt.


For Belal Gaith, a 40-year-old resident of Ramallah, the annexation plan would push Palestinians further under a state of occupation and military rule.

“As soon as the annexation plan is declared, it will be the end of the Oslo Accords,” he said, referring to the 1993 agreement which established the Palestinian Authority (PA) and gave it limited powers.

A Palestinian demonstrator returns a tear gas canister during a protest against Israel’s plan to annex parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, near the Jewish settlement of Beit El near Ramallah [Mohamad Torokman/Reuters]

“We can potentially lose every single bit of our lands and live as prisoners under Israeli rule,” he added.

In the lead up to the anticipated declaration, the head of the PA and Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, said the authority had terminated all of its agreements with Israel and the United States amid Israel’s push for annexation.


Palestinian Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh warned if Israel goes ahead with the plan, Palestinians would unilaterally declare a state along the pre-1967 borders.

A Palestinian demonstrator returns a tear gas canister during a protest against Israel’s plan to annex parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank, near the Jewish settlement of Beit El near Ramallah July

A key criticism of the plan is it would prevent Palestinians from accessing their agricultural land and water resources in the fertile Jordan Valley – known as the “bread basket” for Palestinians. The plan could destroy farmers’ export businesses and deprive them of their source of income.

Israel’s Jordan Valley Annexation explained
“Israel is creating an environment in which the Palestinians cannot grow in their lands and business,” said Walid Assaf, a Palestinian minister and chairman of the Commission Against the Wall and Settlements.

Palestinians have decried Israeli plans to annex parts of the West Bank and Jordan Valley as the end to a future Palestinian state [Majdi Mohammed/AP]

“The crux of this conflict has been the land and Israel’s helping Jewish settlers take over it and expel the Palestinians in the process.”

Over the past few years, Palestinian and Israeli NGOs have reported an increase in the construction of settlements in the occupied West Bank and Jewish settler-only roads that connect them with Israel.


The structures have further carved up Palestinian territories and added to the disjointed nature of cities, villages and towns.

According to Assaf, Israel has already taken practical steps to annex the areas included in the plan, with the Jewish state allegedly building three new settlements in recent months; two near Nablus and another near Hebron.

Only a formality
Still, many Palestinians believe the plan is only a formality and a de facto Israeli occupation of their land has been under way for many years.

“Israel’s annexation plan has been in process since 1967,” said Salah Khawaja, coordinator of an anti-occupation campaign called the Popular Committee to Resist the Wall and the Settlements.


“Israel has since built settlements and the wall. And so, annexation has been ongoing for a long time,” he added, as he stood among the crowd of demonstrators in Ramallah.

Although the plan does not aim to annex occupied East Jerusalem, which the Palestinian Authority sees as the capital of a future Palestinian state, the international community, including the United Nations and the European Union, have said it threatens to sabotage any peace agreement or two-state solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict.

“The plan will be the final nail in the coffin. It will end any chance for a future Palestinian state and our right to self-determination,” said Assaf.

“It will also restrict Palestinian lives in a way like never before. Making it impossible for us to build our lives or dream for the future.”

This is history repeating itself. The annexation plan is another Nakba [catastrophe] and Naksa [day of setback].




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  1. Oppose Daf Yomi.  Why?  It fails to weigh that each sugia of Gemara learns as intact units.  Raping the integrity of a sugia of Gemara – that’s Daf Yomi in a nut shell.  The Talmud entails more than simply reading on a daily basis a page of Gemara.  The sugiot of Gemara, they establish the basic order of the texts.  Uprooting this basic order (logic requires order, Oral Torah stands upon the יסוד of logic.  This Oral Torah logic system stands totally apart and different from the ancient Greek philosophers Plato and Aristotle who developed a completely different type of logic system format.

             The mitzva of lighting the lights of Hanukkah, Jews dedicate to HaShem the commitment to interpret the Written Torah strictly and only by relying upon the Oral Torah logic system.  Rabbi Akiva’s chariot mysticism stands upon פרדס scholarship.  This kabbalah stands upon the mitzva of קידושין.  P’shat and Dr’osh a working couple; Remez and Sod, likewise a working couple), Daf Yomi totally ignores פרדס, the basis by which Tannaim and Amoraim, from Rabbi to Rav Ashi and Ravina based the “definition” of how to learn – known as Talmud!

             Obvious: that the premise of this mussar, has an immediate appeal perhaps comparable to a lead balloon.  Alas most Yidden do not have the slightest clue that perhaps the greatest chiddush of the Talmud, that it sets up a common law legal system which establishes lateral justice.  Not till the American revolution by which the revolutionaries ditched the vertical  Star Courts legal system by requiring a jury of one’s peers!  Just as the jury system, those people do not receive a salary from the State so too the Torts court beit din Judges do not receive their salary from the State – both lateral type systems of justice!

             Mashgiachim, based upon this chiddush, should not receive their salaries from the places they police for Kashrut.  But alas because most rabbis fail to grasp the biggest chiddush expressed throughout the entire Sha’s, the beit din judges fail to properly assume their function as an expression of the Talmudic model of justice.  Pursue justice sums of all the mussar from the NaCH prophets!  G’lut comes upon the nation when we fail to rule the oath sworn lands with justice.  The 3 judges of a Torts court: One functions in the role of prosecutor.  The second functions in the role of attorney for the defense.  Both these judges argue their case before the 3rd Judge.

             Contrast the vertical legal system – popular in all none Jewish legal systems across the planet.  Those vertical legal systems, the State pays the salary of both the Judge and the Prosecuting Attorney.  A person who receives a salary from the State, hence in a court hearing its the State vs. so and so.  Talmud reflects the mussar given by the Yethro prior to the revelation of the Torah at Sinai.  To rule the nation requires the establishment of a workable legal system, no one man alone can judge the social and civil disputes of an entire nation.

             The entire purpose of establishment of the 48 Levitical cities, 42 Yeshivot to train Federal Sanhedrin judges.  The 6 cities of refuge each had a “Federal” small Sanhedrin court – headed by a Cohen of the house of Aaron.  These cities too had a private altar.  Prior to carrying out a Capital Crimes ruling, the Cohen of the small Sanhedrin court dedicated a korban upon the altar, to publicly testify that the judges of the Court heard the case in tohor – that they took no bribes.  The dedication of a korban requires that the Cohen must be tohor on pain of כרת.  The small Sanhedrin Courts functioned as the spokes of the Federal Court legal system.

             The word ברית does not mean “covenant”, the popular translation in the Xtian Bible.  Rather this key term בראשית\ברית אש serves as the יסוד of the entire Torah!  Brit means alliance, the entire first Book of בראשית addresses the brit alliance in the face of g’lut.  Brit vs. g’lut – Adam, Noach, and the unborn children of Avram (brit of pieces) experienced g’lut.  The theology of the apostle Paul, by contrast, makes a focus upon “original sin” as the basis by which mankind needs Jesus son of Zeus to take the sins of the world away!

             How do you define the “Big Picture” interpretation of the Torah?  G’lut vs. Original Sin.  Prior to the establishment of Israeli Independence, Jews lived our lives as stateless refugee populations scattered across the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe/Golden Medina.  Today, Yidden rule our homelands and Xtianity rots in g’lut, waiting for the 2nd Coming of Jesus son of Zeus. Stateless refugees have no rights by definition.  How does the Torah describe the creation of the world?  The world – filled with anarchy and chaos.  The expulsion of Jews from England, France, Spain, and Germany — not a time of chaos and anarchy?

             Logic stands upon Order.  No logic system works without disciplined Order.  דרוש compares cases comparable to how the Gemara “learns” the Mishna!  דרוש functions as the יסוד of פשט, רמז, וסוד of פרדס scholarship.  To weave a garment requires a warp and its opposing woof. Talmud contains halaka opposed by aggadita.  To divorce the halaka from its “wife” aggadita, compare to a man who sends his wife away without her Get דאורייתא!

             Gaonim scholarship produced Midrashim.  The latter organize (emphasis on Order) aggadic stories in the Order of the T’NaCH.  The Talmud by contrast organizes aggadita around a specific Mishna!  Aggadita makes a T’NaCH דרוש, comparable to the halakic cases the Gemara brings to learn the Case/Rule of a specific Mishna.  The logic compares to a simple Algebraic equation.  Anything done on one side of the equation requires an equal opposite upon the other side of the equation.

             We have now gone full circle.  Just as the T’NaCH has sugiot, so too does the Talmud.   The sugiot function, they give Order to both T’NaCH and Talmud.  Learning T’NaCH and Talmud divorced from the Order established by the sugiot violates the dedication of the lights of Hanukkah – mentioned in the opening paragraph of this commentary of mussar.  Mussar, by the way, defined as דרך ארץ, and דרך ארץ means justice.

             No man can tell or dictate to another that he must walk in דרך ארץ, that he must dedicate his life to seek justice.  Hence the sages of the Talmud admitted that they did not know how to give a תוכחה to other Jews.  This P’shat of the Talmud stands upon the יסוד of דרוש mussar.  All the prophets of the T’NaCH command mussar.  Why?  Because mussar applies equally across the board to each and every generation who walks upon the face of this earth.

             ‘Light unto the nations’, does not refer to Goyim, but rather g’lut Jewry dwelling in Goyim lands. Why?  Goyim have no brit with the God of Israel.  Goyim, despite their efforts to pretend otherwise, they do not sit as the Judges of Israel.  My wife Karen, her metaphor by which she describes the failure of family and friends to rebuke immodest behavior by those whom they love, as “pollyanna naivate”.  The behavior of דרך ארץ mussar stands upon the יסוד of emotional maturity.  Sometimes, easier for others to recognize tuma behavior, than self awareness while breathing tuma spirits.Weigh the ברכה:השיבנו אבינו לתורתך, וקרבנו מלכנו לעבודתך, והחזירנו תבשובה שלמה לפניך:  ברוך אתה ה’, הרוצה בתשובה.How does the NaCH learn the k’vanna of this blessing?מלכים א יט:י.  ויאמר קנא קנאתי לה’ אלהי צבאות כי עזבו בריתך בני ישראל את מזבחתיך הרסו, ואת נביאיך הרגו בחרב, ואותר אני לבדי, ויבקשו את נפשי לקחתה.On the surface this statement, exceptionally difficult to understand based upon the p’sukimמלכים א יח:ד.  ועבדיהו היה ירא את ה’ מאד וכו’.How could Eliyyahu declare that he alone lived as a prophet?  The NaCH has Eliyyahu repeat his obtuse statement a second time to emphasize its inherent lack of clarity.  What exactly burdened the heart of Eliyyahu?  Contrast the language employed by ישעיה opposed by the similar language by which the prophet ירמיה conveys a matter of the heart.עמנו אל    כנגד    כי אתך אני.

             The former validates the harshest of times, but that language equally conveys a social togetherness, an optimism that the mussar commandment of the prophet – heard and accepted by both the king and others.  The language of the latter communicates a lonely bitter isolation, an anguish of spirit and a depth of depression.  The language that Eliyyahu addresses his vision of HaShem directly resembles the language spoken by ירמיה; it contrasts with the assumption that a child or wife would obey their father or husband, if either vowed or sworn an oath.

             Eliyyahu could not rely upon an Ovadyahu to deliver him from Izevel.  The stark bitterness of ירמיה, that tuma spirits so dominated the Cohen people that they simply lacked the heart to do t’shuva; anymore than Izevel could suddenly prize the absolute necessity for justice.

             Yidden mourn during this period known as the 9 days.  Easier to sit on low stools and decry the destruction of buildings made of wood and stone weeping in an inverse pollyanna spirit, than to learn tohor middot and dedicate as a holy korban unto HaShem our commitment to walk in דרך ארץ in how we behave and interact with family and friends.  Shalom requires trust.  No trust no shalom.

             Meditation does wonders for healing.  A simple meditation that does not depend upon the eyes to focus upon some external object [I have a lazy eye so attempts to focus on a specific external object never worked for me.].  Always liked the pre WW2 research done by Royal Rife with radio frequencies.  Asian medicine rejects Western medicine on the specific, that it holds that internal organs produce basic emotions.  This concept works well with theSpinal Courd/Brain Stem reflex arc electrical “laws” within our bodies.  The art of meditation which this commentary promotes, affixing a color to an internal organ to a finger.

             This concept of meditation follows the post War Japanese healing technique that I employed to treat my daughters’ cystic fibrosis.  My teacher in this method of meditation – her daughter too had cystic fibrosis, and that common problem caused her to investigate Jin Shin Jyutsu is.

              Fear(red)[anger, passion, power]/אמץ לב(green)[nature, safety, envy, luck] to the stomach/kidney.  Anger(cyan[greenish/blue])[Spring, safety, stability, calmness, sadness]/Joy(pink)[romance, nurturing, kindness, calmness] to the liver/spleen/pancreas; Grief(black)[power, boldness, mystery, unhappiness]/Love(white)[emptiness, peacefulness, cleanliness, Innocence] to the heart/lungs.  Shame(orange)[energy, enthusiasm, attention, happiness]/Hope(blue)[confident, relaxed, motivated] to large intestines/small intestines.  Guilt(Chartreuse/yellow-green)[warmth, growth, energy, confidence, attention, jealous]/Freedom(purple)[wealth, imagination, popular, winter, defensive] to gall bladder/bladder.  Chinese medicine does not include the pancreas, while the Japanese view the heart as taboo.  Fear/Index finger.  Anger/Middle finger.  Grief/Ring finger.  Shame/pinky finger.  Guilt/Thumb.  The right hand corresponds with the toes on the left foot and the left hand with the toes of the right foot. 

             The crux of meditation centers upon developing an awareness and sensitivity to the “focus point”.  This meditation technique it’s different from the classic meditation as practiced in some yoga buddha styles.  While single individuals alone can meditate, this system, built around group meditation. Something like using battery cables to start a car requires at least two cars.  Two ways the body fights diseases, White Bloods cells and similar defense systems.  The other, the body actually remembers past diseases and develops an immunity.  The measles serve as a good example of this second type of natural defense within our bodies.

             The derivative of Jin Shin Jyutsu is that my meditation technique has developed over the years, it views powerful positive and negative emotions as a bi-polar battery.  In Asian medicine a low Qi [pronounced che] within the 10 major internal organs, a low Qi energy represents the chief cause that causes the body defenses to fail to overcome diseases.  The black death, which wiped out perhaps half of the population of Europe, began in China.  Chinese medicine treated the disease successfully.

              Some attempt to explain their healing success by simply saying that Chinese include rats within their Culinary menu.  I do not know.  Nonetheless the idea that our internal organs produce our basic emotions, this idea, likewise expressed within the prophets of the NaCH and Sages in the Talmud, they mutually agree and accept the idea that internal organs produce emotions.

             Western medicine has accomplished much.  But what I do not trust, the strong tendency practiced by the medical industry to push pills; the idea that doctors have some sort of “secret” knowledge/expertise outside of the realm of the common man.  The matter that bothered me for years, influenced by my dyslexia, how to employ the rational portion of our brains tocommunicate with our internal organs.  Remembered my first year of College biology.  Could ATP produced by the mitochondria, within the cells of the major internal organs, physically represent the Qi of Asian medicine.

             Early Freud, he attempted and failed to locate a physical location in the brain that produced emotions.  This failure caused him to develop his revolutionary idea of the conscious and non conscious components of the human mind.  Freud focused upon the libido/sex drive, this ideal scandalized European medical circles in its day.

             But clearly Freud searched for basic/fundamental emotions as the יסוד/foundation by which he sought to heal mental disease.   Western medicine, it seems to me, they remain stuck in the idea that emotions generate from the mind alone.  Western medicine does not view the Brain stem as serving as the Maestro which orchestrates the “music” of emotions produced by the internal organs of our body.  As the dyslexic brain has trouble communicating between the two hemispheres of the brain, so too the rational mind does not openly communicate with the internal organs without intense Yoga-like meditation.

             As an Israeli, the movement which hopefully will sprout from my political involvement within Israeli society, that Israel turns away from Shoah Europe as our main trading partners in favor of North Africa and eventually drawing in all or most of the African States.  Medicine for the masses, African society, basically 3rd world as it stands today.  Currently Western healing techniques dominate Israeli medical practices.  This hopefully shall change.  The medical meditation techniques my research has attempted to develop, permits the individual to treat diseases by means of meditation.

             In the 1930s Rife research accomplished healing through employment of precise radio frequencies aimed at a diseased internal organ.  Rife developed a powerful microscope that even today surpasses the electron microscope.  The latter can only examine dead cells whereas the Rife microscope could examine living cells invaded by bacteria and viruses.  The American medical community outlawed the Rife techniques for treating diseases.  But Germany and other countries have incorporated it as part of their standard medicine.

             But third world African countries, most villages lack electricity.  The internal organs vibrate, they produce “frequencies”.  Placement of the fingers upon targeted internal organs compares with starting a car with battery cables…transferring the “memory” of a healthy internal organ frequency over to a weak internal organ essentially defines the meditation of my modified Jin Shin Jyutsu is.

             Karen has not felt well and she just messaged me that her heart damage has returned.  She did not like making a meditation schedule and I certainly had no desire to demand it from her.  Meditation qualifies as a skill that requires practice and mental energy focused upon building the awareness of a person’s fingers, that they feel the vibrations whichthe targeted internal organ(s) produce.

             Color-Psychology, affixing a color to represent a fixed emotion assigned to an internal organ of the body.  The internal organs do not communicate through words, but rather by means of emotions.  To describe an emotion with words compares to poetry or songs.  King Shaul would rely upon David to treat his headaches by playing the harp.  But third world countries don’t have easy access to music.  But the human eye can see colors, a person can enter the cave of many colors within his mind.  Can colors have an impact upon the emotions the internal organs produce?  Yes they can.  Prisons employ colors to reduce prison violence.

             The problem of meditation, the clutter within the mind.  Affixing a color to an emotion as mentioned in the 3rd paragraph above, and referenced later still,permits the rational neocortex part of the brain to communicate a focused color/emotion to a specific internal organ by means of the fingers feeling the vibrations produced by those two targeted organs.  In effect this meditation technique combines the neocortex together with the Brain stem to direct two targeted internal organs to produce higher levels of ATP, and release this increased ATP into the bloodstream to function as energy food for other internal organs.

             The beauty of this meditation technique, a healthy person can employ their fingers as “battery cables” and transfer ATP frequency energies from their body to assist the recovery of a sick person.  This vibration energy compares to alternating AC currents.  Inhale, focus upon the vibrations felt by the fingers of one hand.  Exhale, focus upon the vibrations felt by the fingers of the other hand.  Affix a color to basic emotion.  The meditation focuses upon feeling the vibrations felt by the fingers, combined with “seeing” a fixed color within the mind – both the healer and the patient can do this as they breathe.


  2. What signs does HaShem send unto damaged g’lut Israel?  Observance of halakot, they serve as the Divine signs – comparable to the plagues which befell Par’o by the hand of HaShem through Moshe.  From the times following the Creation, the heart of Man expresses strong inclinations to chisel away at righteous upright behavior; its tuma impatience prefers physical violence over rational diplomacy.  Form which lacks substance, to what does it compare?  Ritualized observance of halakot – divorced from prophetic mussar.  The classic story of Egyptian bondage. Par’o only recognized the plagues and the damages; never once did he take to heart Divine mussar דרך ארץ.  This יסודי distinction defines the k’vanna of the opening working blessings of the Shemone Esri:
    אתה חונן לאדם דעת, ומלמד לאנוש בינה: חננו מאתך דעה בינה והשכל:  ברוך אתה ה’, חונן הדעת.
             Par’o refused to validate within his heart any prophetic mussar; his Yatzir rejected  דרך ארץ as a life walk – also known as t’shuva.  Young king Shlomo directly compares to juvenile king Rehav’am; both rejected the advise given by their fathers’ senior most trusted advisors.  This common denominator likewise occurs in Par’o when his advisors informed him that Egypt lay in ruins.

             King Shlomo did not consult with Natan the prophet, he simply decided to build both his personal Court of law, together with his pyramid like Temple.  King Shlomo’s court prioritized his personal rule, which subordinated unto oblivion the Torah commandment – to established Federal Sanhedrin courts.  The last commandment that Moshe accomplished during his lifetime – he established 3 small Sanhedrin Federal courts from conquered land which enlarged the 1st Republic.

             King Shlomo, by contrast, prioritized grand construction projects, this forced labor, in conjunction with his disgraceful foreign wives, drained and estranged the good will of the people.  Opposition to the rule of the house of David sprouted  into open rebellion during his lifetime.  Rehav’am, son of Shlomo, never governed as king before the ten Tribes rebelled against the promised increase of his fathers’ oppressive rule.  Avoda zara tends to gloat about its grand and glorious splendor, and its great and brilliant wisdom.  The Book of מלכים, its satire mocks the conceit by which avoda zara behavior tends to strut.  Comparable to the pompous goose march-step made by Fascist and Communist soldiers in the 20th Century.

             A specific, but general example which explains avoda zara – Xtianity.   Church advocates, as a general rule, ardently pursue evangelism. The wicked criminal war crimes committed by church priests, ministers and lay personnel throughout history – pushed off with the excuse: “they were not real Xtians”.  Ignorant of brutal war crimes and criminal terrorism, zealant Xtian evangelists resemble – the hardened heart of Par’o.  Monotheists preach that only one God lives.  Yet these pious ‘true faith’preachers, never once consider the first commandment revealed at Sinai.  The tuma Yatzir: blind to the obvious, the opening line ofגיטין א:א:לפי שאין בקיאין לשמה teaches a powerful mussar, which alas, Reshonim scholarship failed to grasp.

             The Shoah and the Armenian Genocide: both, examples of “Genocide-in whole”.  The Young Turks and Nazi Party, their leaders made unilateral decisions that committed their nation to perpetrate racial genocide.  Civil Wars throughout history have witnessed a disproportionate proportion of domestic, racial ethnic genocides.  But revolutionary politics does not in and of itself produce racial wars.  Attila the Hun: 372-454, the Crusades:1095-1270, Genghis Khan & the Mongol invasions:1220-1650, atrocities in the Congo 1885 – 1908, the Namaqua genocide 1904 – 1908, the Amer-Indians of North America: 1565-1924 — these mass slaughters of human life did not necessarily occur due to political revolutions or Civil Wars.           The criminal element in all cases of racial war, viewed from the specific lenses of church guilt, these violent lunatics Universally assume that their target victims exist as inferior sub-humans.  Something on par and similar to the command of General Sheridan which permitted poachers to illegally invade Indian territories, to exterminate the Indians buffalo food source.  Comanche Chief Tosawi reputedly told Sheridan in 1869, “Tosawi, good Indian,” to which Sheridan reportedly replied, “The only good Indians I ever saw were dead.” This crude and barbaric response succinctly sums up the motivations of extreme racial prejudice; the basis for the Catholic prayer about the perfidious Jew.

             Had a dream that interpreted the k’vanna of the niggun of Hava Nagila.  A powerful mussar walks a narrow line, it does not bounce from subject to subject, rather it clings to a simple idea that arouses the אומץ לב of joy within our hearts, the Will to possess the land.  1948, the declaration of National Independence, Yidden danced the Hava Nagila niggun of the Sadigura Hasidic dynasty that made aliya to Israel on the eve of WW2.

             Written either by Avraham Zevi Idelsohn or Moshe Nathanson, the former made its first recording in 1922.  It’s a simple niggun: Come let us be glad, and rejoice.  Arise brethren with a joyful heart.  Traditionally sung together with blowing the shofar.  This niggun goes together with Shalom aliechem which Yidden traditionally sing to invite the sanctity of shabbot. 

             Prior to the evening first meal, which begins with a blessing pronounced over wine and bread.  The blowing of the shofar together with this niggun – so inspires the heart.  The k’vanna of Hava Nagila – to enliven the heart; to rise up against the Yatzir Ha’Ra and steel our Will, for the coming hard fight, to possess and conquer the land.
             Wheels within Wheels, the spirit of HaShem contained within the wheels.  The vision of the Divine Chariot, from which rabbi Akiva derived his פרדס kabbala sh’itta of Talmudic scholarship.  The circular dance of joy, expressed on Chag Sukkot, focuses upon the liberation from g’lut, rather than the bitter cold night of g’lut.  It recalls the opening war to capture the walled city of Jericho, the opening battle to conquer the land – the reason HaShem brought Israel out of Egyptian slavery.

             Yidden recall through Hava Nagila the courage of king Hezekia, when he stood toe to toe with Sennacherib, the Assyrian king.  Torah victory in war requires HaShem to first judge the Gods whom the Goyim worship.  Tehillem teaches: trust not in the power of the horse.  Israel conquers and takes possession of the land, not through tuma wisdom and military prowess.  Slaves thumbed our noses at Par’o following the P’sach night, when the head and hands of the fallen Egyptian Gods lay shattered upon church and mosque floors.

             Yidden dance forming a circle to arouse the Divine Spirits within us to overcome our dread and fear of giants in the faith of עמנו אל – first HaShem wars against the Gods whom the Goyim worship, only thereafter does Israel rejoice victorious over our enemies – the latter, utterly and totally destroyed.  Another memory dance, Yidden feel exhilaration recalling the vision of destroyed chariots; the obliteration of the army of Par’o, corpses cast upon the shores of the Sea of Suf.  Traditionally Yidden stand in shul when the פסוקי דזמר “blessing” comes to
    אז ישיר משה ובני ישראל את השירה הזאת


  3. שמע קולנו ה’ אלהינו, חוס ורחם עלינו, וקבל ברחמים וברצון את תפלתנו, כי אל שומע תפלות ותחנונים אתה, ומלפניך מלכנו, ריקם אל תשיבנו.  כי אתה שומע תפלת עמך ישראל ברחמים:  ברוך אתה ה’, שומע תפלה.
    Our sages within the masoret of our Talmud teach: tefilla learns from
    שמואל א ב:א.  ותתפלל חנה ותאמר עלץ לבי בה’ רמה קרני בה’ רחב פי על אויבי כי שמחתי בישועתך.
             Tefilla learns from Egypt. Tefilla, the avodat HaShem of the Cohen people.  What causes Israel to abandon the Cohen faith?
    שופטים יז:ו.  בימים ההם אין מלך בישראל איש הישר בעיניו יעשה…יח:א.  שבט הדני מבקש לו נחלה לשבת חי לא נפלה לו עד היום ההוא בתוך שבטי ישראל בנחלה…כא:כה.  איש הישר בעיניו יעשה.  כלל, פרט, כלל.
    יג:א.  ויסיפו בני ישראל לעשות הרע בעיני ה’ ויתנם ה’ ביד פלשתים ארבעים שנה.  יג:ח,ט.  ויעתר מנוח אל ה’ ויאמר בי אדוני איש האלהים אשר שלחת יבוא נא עוד אלינו ויורנו מה נעשה לנער היולד.  וישמע האלהים בקול מנוח ויבא מלאך האלהים עוד אל האשה וכו’.
    נזיר כנג נזיר … שמשון כנגד שמואל.  יעתר כנגד תפילה:  שמות ח: כד.  העתירו בעדי.
             The Book of שופטים teaches that Israel behaved without דרך ארץ among their own.  Par’o too lacked דרך ארץ in his relationship with Israel.  Did שמשון behave with דרך ארץ on par שמואל?  No, based on the conclusion of שופטים: אין מלך בישראל.  The language of מלכות refers to a persons command over tohor middot.  When tuma middot govern within the heart of Israel, we – as a collective people – break faith with the brit Cohen relationship.  The Gemara of ברכות commands the halaka which requires that a blessing have שם ומלכות.  The meaning of this halaka, that a person commands his tohor middot to rule over the tuma middot within his heart.  Herein defines the blessing by which Yitzak did bless Yaacov.
             Whether Moshe sent to Egypt, or Hanna rejoicing over the birth of שמואל, the k’vanna of tefilla: the commitment by the Cohen people to dedicate tohor middot unto HaShem, as expressed in our social behavior among Yidden.  Petitions to HaShem for things we want compares to the Goyim custom of Xmas.  If we keep our part of the brit alliance, HaShem rains blessing down upon our nation.
             The closing blessing of שמע קולנו makes רמז to the Moshiach, from the commandment to set aside the house of Aaron, to the mitzva which sanctifies the generations of the house of David to obey the commandments and mitzvot, to the posok halaka established by the rabbis to this very day.  The gradations of Moshiach as expressed through commandments, mitzvot, and halakot, they all refine the tohor middot within the hearts of the Cohen nation.
             As our forefathers endured the oppression of slavery, the domination of oppression caused a majority of our own people to resist the desire to view other Yidden with צר עיין or speak לשון הרע.  Three years after the Shoah the nation state of Israel rose from the ashes of Europe, and Xtians went into moral exile – post poop Pius XII,the Church lost influence as the defining moral authority among Europeans.
             The classic concept of the prophetic mitzva of Moshiach learns from ישעיה.  There that prophet employs the משל of עמנו אל.  The casting off of local sovereignty conflicts upon the dung heaps of g’lut … unto the Assyrian siege of Jerusalem.  Israel made demand unto שמואל to anoint a king to fight their wars.  The king of Israel, not a man of flesh and blood but rather the sworn oath brit cut at Gilgal – Rashi tefillen.  HaShem judged the Gods of Sennacherib just as HaShem did judge the Gods of Par’o.  Herein defines the k’vanna of שמע קולנו.


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