George Floyd’s Death: Protest across Europe continues.


Thousands attend anti-racism demonstrations in London and Australia as protests continue in several US cities.

Protests and demonstrations are held across the United States and the world on Saturday, calling for an end to racism and police brutality in one of the largest mobilisations since the death of George Floyd, an unarmed Black man who was killed by police in Minneapolis, Minnesota, on May 25.

Hundreds of mourners gathered in North Carolina on Saturday for a memorial service for Floyd.

Several jurisdictions have been altering their use-of-force policies. California’s governor ordered state police to stop teaching a controversial neck restraint, Minneapolis officials banned police choke and strangleholds, Seattle’s mayor banned police from using tear gas in protests, and a federal judge in Denver limited police use of tear gas and rubber bullets on protesters.

The UK health minister said anti-racism protests attended by thousands of people in London and other major British cities increase the risk of spreading COVID-19.