Dembele to Liverpool? Still to be cleared based on injury records


Liverpool were beaten to Timo Werner by Chelsea and now they are looking at Ousmane Dembele. Before taking any decisions, though, they are trying to make sure they won’t have trouble with the French winger.


According to the Express, Liverpool are worried about his injury history, the number of games he has missed during his time at Camp Nou. Dembele does not want to leave particularly.

Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool’s coach, commented on Saturday that the Reds won’t spend much on players this summer. Teams will have less in general.

“There are all types of rumours in England about who Man United will choose, who will sign for Chelsea,” said Klopp.


“I am calm. If you want to take it seriously and do normal business, right now you don’t know how much you will get in because we don’t know when we can play with fans again. Right now all clubs are losing money. Without fans, we have to give back money (season tickets) and probably can’t sell any for next year.

“Arguing with players about salary cuts and then signing a player for 50-60 million euros is hard to explain.”

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