Slimcase – Ignore #JusticeforTina – It is ‘Local’ – #JusticeforFloyd is Global.

Nigerian rapper, Slimcase, has been blasted for referring to Nigerian #JusticeForTina as a local matter while America #GeorgeFloyd a global issue even though they were both killed by the Police in their country.

Slimcase had shared a picture of George Floyd on his social media page, calling him “Fame After Death” while praying that he becomes as big as possible while he is alive, not until his death.

FAME AFTER DEATH… any positive blow wey I gats blow God Let me blow am now that I am alive not after I am dead George A sacrifice for d change in black history

One of Slimcase followers slammed him for addressing the issue in America instead of that of Tina, a 16-year-old girl that was shot dead by a Police officer in Lagos, Nigeria. The rapper responded saying that of Tina was a local matter while George’s is a “global pandemic”.


The follower, Olamiposi Hope wrote;

Na America matter una always dey carry for head, why you no post that 16yrs old girl police shot for Lagos Abu them never settle the girl matter finish

Slimcase responds;

we talking about a global pandemic here Leave the Lagos girl for channels to talk about am



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