Cynthia Morgan to sing again as Nigerians surprise her with …

Coming after she opened up on her ordeal with her former label boss, Jude Okoye, Nigerians have decided to support Cynthia Morgan finacially.

NobleReporters earlier learnt that Cynthia opened up on her ordeal with Jude.

She made the revelation on an Instagram live interview with Sandra.

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Fans want Cynthia Morgan to sing again.

She talked about losing her stage name, royalty, Instagram account and VEVO account due to the contract and record label issue she had with the music executive.


Cynthia also talked about having lots of dirt on him that she would have used to bury him.

However, Nigerians have set up a GoFundMe account for her in order to support her.

“The support on this project is so unbelievable I’m emotional. THANK YOUUUUU!!!!! To everyone who came, pledged donations, pledged services, cried, prayed, you are all the real MVPs. So now WE MOVE!!! Below is the recap of what was discussed on the Live video and our plans to bring her back!!

  • We are setting up a GoFundMe account to fund her comeback
  • She was sick for over 6 months. It was never a drug problem she never did drugs.
  • She was depressed over not achieving what she planned to achieve before the age she planned.
  • She doesn’t want to sign under a label anymore but she is open to a partnership.
  • WE NEED INVESTORS. Alot of plans are underway.
  • We also talked about creating a Cynthia Morgan challenge. Yet to elaborate on that.
  • Direct every Cynthia related matter here. Beware of fraud.”



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