Singer, Viktoh says God give me 2nd chance after suicidal mission.

Former YBNL artiste, Viktoh has revealed that the treatment he got from friends almost forced him into committing suicide.

The artiste who hasn’t been active in the music industry stated that God restored him and gave him a second chance at life.

Expressing gratitude to those who held him down, Viktoh stated that the experience, however, didn’t change the love he has for his friends.

He shared: “One thing I understand about this life is that you should always be prepared for the worse, cause life can’t just be Gucci all through! I’m not perfect tho but I’ve had friends that I call my family do and say so many bad things about me that I felt like just dying and leaving this world but guess what I had a second thought about it, had a real connection with God and it made me stronger so instead of letting it weigh me down I put all that energy into my craft and I got better! God gave me a second chance.”


“I went through hell cause I was foolish! And the people I called friends rode on that and made me feel like an outcast! but I love you guys still and it’s never gonna change who I am! I’m still gonna be me the same Viktoh y’all have known for years! The nice guy! I’m just so grateful to everyone that held me down and to my fans that kept on checking up! I’m so grateful”.

“Let’s start this new journey together please continue to support me as I come out with my new project after so many years God bless y’all”.



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