Actor Zubby Michael hit hard at Hushpuppi

Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael has taken jabs at Instagram big boy, Hushpuppi after being compared to him in the comment section of one of his posts.

The actor had shared a photo from a movie scene with the caption;

Any body trying so hard to prove he is rich is very poor physically mentally and spiritually, wealthy people are not noisy

However after a follower compared him to Hushpuppi who he (follower) said is rich and loud, Zubby Michael claimed that the Instagram big boy has “unexplained money”.


The follower had written;

You wey no dey talk and @hushpuppi wey loud, who now get money pass? Oga shut up and live your life

Zubby Michael wrote in response;

@Praise.Arinze1 mumu we don’t celebrate unexplained money, grow up



One thought on “Actor Zubby Michael hit hard at Hushpuppi”

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