Madrid in talks with Casemiro on Salary Increment


Real Madrid are making plans for the future in terms of bringing in fresh talent to add to the squad, but their is a crucial element close to home that needs to be taken care of too. That is the renewal of Casemiro’s contract.


The Brazilian’s contract ends in 2021 and he is yet to sign an extension to it. As things stand, the midfielder that has been the most used player by Zinedine Zidane will be able to negotiate a move away from the club with whoever he desires as of January.

AS has been told that there have been conversations but as the coronavirus pandemic kicked in everything was put on hold.

The discussions over the winter period had most people believing that Casemiro and Real Madrid would put pen to paper to extend this current contract until 2023, but nothing was ever signed.

During the negotiation, a significant salary increase was brought to the table based on the importance of his role to the team.

It would have moved him into the realms of Ramos and Hazard, who both side on the level below the best-paid player at the club, Bale (€14.5 million net annual).

As well as his salary boost, the idea was that his release clause would also be bumped up.



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