Barcelona counter-attack for Lautaro Martinez

Inter Milan’s objective is not to retain Lautaro Martinez but to make his sale more profitable. The player wants to leave, that’s his intention, and Barcelona are the best placed for him.

The battle will be tough and the Italians are not going to make things easy. Inter president Steven Zhang is looking for the formula to get rid of the 111 million euro clause on his head, valid between July 1-15. That’s the most any club would have to pay for the 22-year-old, who has a lot of potentials.

Lautaro’s contract runs until June 2023. They want to raise his salary and as a consequence, the years on the deal. Their first offer was not accepted to Zhang has come back again. He’s offering virtually a salary raise of 100%, from 2m euros to 4m, but with the condition that the 111m euro release clause is eradicated.

The problem for Inter is that Barca have more financial muscle. Lautaro is seen as a key target, with a similar profile to Luis Suarez. So at Barca, like in a game of poker, they may be interested in ‘calling’ the raise.

The Catalans are offering around seven million euros a season for five seasons, which is a big offer. Ideally, they’d like to trade players with Inter too: Alena and Semedo are good choices.