Legend Maier: If Bayern let Neuer leave, they will regret it; He is the best

Should FC Bayern Munich respond to Manuel Neuer’s high salary demands and extend the contract? Goalkeeper legend Sepp Maier has a clear opinion on this.

The contract negotiations between Bayern and Manuel Neuer are difficult, the relationship of trust is considered fragile according to reports.

Sepp Maier, however, has no doubt about the positive outcome of these discussions: “I can’t believe Bayern are so stupid to let Neuer leave. There is currently no better person than Neuer in the world and there will be none in the next five years.”

The goalkeeper legend dared to make a comparison: “Oliver Kahn was still outstanding at 39. Why shouldn’t Neuer play at top level for five years? The boy is fit.”

Maier doesn’t see the required 20 million euros in annual salary as an unsolvable problem and warns: “If they let Manuel Neuer go, Bayern would regret it in the next few years.”