R.I.P. Neuer’s father-in-law passes away at 70 due to heart attack 🙏

Sad news for Neuer: his father-in-law passed away on Maundy Thursday.

Alfred Weiss (70) was the father of Neuer’s wife Nina, whom the Bayern goalkeeper had married in 2017 and from whom he now lives separately.

According to the portal ‘Gourmet Worlds’, the prominent Berlin hotelier Weiss died of a heart attack.

Neuer came together with his wife Nina in 2014 after the World Cup title.

On November 7th, 2015 there was the first official appearance of the two as a couple. And in May 2017, they married in Austria.

But according to Bild, in early 2020 Neuer and Nina Weiss are going separate ways. Neuer once said in dressing room: “Yes, we are separated. But we still talk to each other normally.”