My pastor have sex with me every Sunday morning before preaching – Woman groan

Imaobong etim an indigene of cross river state Cries out on how her pastor deceived her to be sleeping with him every Sunday morning before going to church.

Imaobong which according to her she was ignorance of what she was doing said the senior pastor of redemption house in calabar, prophet Peter Bassey has been sleeping with her every morning before going to church.

According to her, the pastor told her that it was an instruction from God to be sleeping with his female members before he Climbs the altar, the young woman who said she is not the only one the pastor sleeps with in the church, but she is the only person that have the courage to speak out.

She said…

“I feel each time the man sleeps with any of his female members he does more miracles, so I feel there is something behind him sleeping with women In his church”.

I knew myself one day when I had a dream about the pastor sleeping with me then in the process he poured out something inside me then I shouted jesus for 5 times then I saw somebody with a white garment coming to my rescue then he warned me not to go to that church again imediately I woke up I knew myself and I hated the pastor imediately.

According to the woman she says she want to stand today to condemn the so called man of God prophet Peter that he is fake and he will keep being fake

The woman advices women to be careful of the kind of church they go and how they relate with pastors.


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