Why justice must be done – Oko Oloyun’s father said ..

Alhaji Adigun Yusuf, father of the popular Lagos-based trado-medical expert, Fatai Yusuf, otherwise known as Oko Oloyun, who was killed by yet unknown gunmen along Eruwa-Igbo-Ora Road in Oyo State on Thursday, Jan.23, has called on the police to ensure justice is served in the murder of his son.

While speaking at the family’s Lagos home, Alhaji Adigun said his call for justice was not meant for his son only, adding that justice would show evildoers that they can’t get away with such heinous crime.

“He is a big loss to the family of Yusuf and the country. I want justice, not just because he is my son, but we can’t continue like this. This trend of killing will continue if justice is not served.

“I leave everything to the police to do their job faithfully and diligently”, the distraught father said.

Alhaji Adigun also spoke about the impact of Fatai Yusuf during his lifetime.

He said: “Fatai was an important son, he made me proud in all ways. I and his mother started this trado-medical job but we were only known in our village.

“Fatai lifted the name of this family, he lifted the name of his village, Otu.

Late Fatai Adigun popularly called Oko Oloyun who was killed in Igbo-Ora by unknown gunmen on Jan. 23, 2020

“He respects humanity so much that he cannot detain even his enemy in police custody for three hours. He had pardoned even staff who had been found guilty of mismanagement on numerous occasions.

“He listened to me despite his achievements, even on tougher issues, once I say forgive, he forgave.

“He cares for everyone including his staff.”