Shocker: Principal took to his heels as ‘Sowore’ matches Abuja public school to teach [Drama] ..

Omoyele Sowore has narrated a hilarious occurrence that he experienced on Monday, at one of the government’s public school in the state.

Sowore narrated that he set out on Monday, January 27, to visit one of the public schools in Abuja and also teach the students either government or geography but to his surprise, the principal disappeared immediately he and his colleagues entered the school premises.

He tweeted: “You may find this funny or even curious, today I set out to look for a public school where I could teach “Government” or Geography while sitting idle in Abuja so we set out to a public school but by the time we arrived there the principal had disappeared on us.”

Some of the Twitter users who commented on Sowore’s tweet said that the principal should be punished for his action.

A Twitter user, Mohammed Sakiwa, said the principal should be disciplined for allowing such in his school. He said the principal should have challenged Sowore’s inappropriate appearance at the school.