LASU Killings: Ritual Suspect, Owolabi Adeeko lives in Face me – I slap you apartment

Mrs Bola Adeeko and son, Owolabi Adeeko, 23, the suspects in the gruesome killing of a final year Theatre Arts student, Lagos State University, Ojo, Miss Favour Daley – Oladele, live in a ‘face – me – and -face -you’ rented apartment in Konifewo; a suburb and a relatively seedy community in Ijako area of Sango – Ota, Ogun State, NobleReporters learnt

The one and half kilometers un-tarred road meandering into Konifewo from Ijako junction of the Abeokuta – Lagos expressway, is a story on decades long neglect of a people by the Federal, State and Local governments.

Curiously, one of the junctions leading to Konifewo is a round about with a standing image of a lion and at the base of it has an inscription that reads : Orita Money Citizen Base.

The road is a death trap both in dry and rainy seasons. The gullies on some stretches of both sides of the road could swallow a tall person, if he mistakenly falls into it.

It is left to the imagination how the residents access their homes or connect with other parts of the state during rainy season as the road is also prone to erosion. One also wonders how they respond to health emergency. N.Rs culled that there is no public health centre there, save a private clinic.

Media met with people who ought to have heard about Ms Bola and the alleged crime since the news broke out but there was little help from the villagers, even after showing her picture along with that of the son in handcuff, yet some claimed they only heard about it in passing over the radio and doubted the possibility that she lives in Konifewo. N.Rs confirms

However, one man who saw the helplessness of the Correspondent later came forward, admitted knowing the woman’s residence on Unique Street and helped procure a bike man who is also believed to be familiar with the area to take the reporter there.

The residents Unique Street area of Konifewo were palpably suspicious of strangers as soon as the bike man the house pulled up at a point which is a building away from the residence. Perhaps out of fear of strangers or arrest on suspicion of being a security agent, none was willing to talk or admit knowledge of the woman and son.

Reporters had a herculean task locating the grey – coated building tucked on a side of Unique street, Konifewo, where Bola and son, Owolabi, were said to live. It is unlikely that the duo would return to the area believed to be a relatively new settlement by people of mixed ethnic and tribal backgrounds. It is also unlikely that her husband lives with them in that apartment.

Our correspondent met a young man washing clothes in the compound and whose ascent suggests of Edo origin and politely inquired about the suspects but the young man denied knowing Ms Bola, his son or their address, claiming he was new resident in the neighbourhood. Also, a woman who just finished observing her afternoon Muslim prayer, quickly avoided the reporter and dashed to her apartment within the building.

Little is known about Bola and son in the neighborhood. A woman who said she was not on talking term with her, told The Nation that she didn’t know what Ms Bola does for a living.

NobleReporters remembered that Twenty – three years old Adeeko Owolabi allegedly lured Miss Favour Daley-Oladele,22, to a far away white garment church in Ikoyi – Ile, Osun State, where he brutally murdered her while she was sleep by using pestle to crush her head.

Subsequently, mother and son ate ‘get – rich – quick’ money making concoction prepared with the breasts, heart and liver harvested from the slain girl.

They were allegedly assisted in the crime by a self – acclaimed pastor of a white garment church in Ikoyi – Ile, Osun, Segun Philip, who slit the girl’s throat, cut her open and harvested the heart, breasts and other organs of the girl before feeding Owolabi and his mother, Ms Bola, with the delicacy prepared with Favour’s vital organs.

The three suspects who were arrested by detectives from the Mowe Division of the Ogun State Police Command, have been transferred to Osun State for prosecution.

The Police Public Relations Officer for the state Command, Abimbola Oyeyemi, disclosed this to our Correspondent, saying although Favour and her parents live in Mowe area of Ogun state, but the location of her killing was in Osun, where the suspects perpetrated the crime of alleged ritual murder.

Abimbola, a Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) added that the detectives handling the case had packaged both the case file and suspects, stressing all had been moved to Osun state Command.