385.65 MW: Electricity issue hits Nigeria

There are indications that Nigerian electricity consumers are in for a rough patch as power supply is said to have dropped from 3,993.65 megawatts, MW, to 3,608 MW.

According to a Vanguard report, this is as a result of “inadequate gas, poor transmission infrastructure and limited distribution facilities.”

The paper quoted a source from the office of Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, as saying that “On January 2, 2020, average energy sent out was 3,608 MW/Hour (down by 385.65 MW from the previous day). 2,026.5 MW was not generated due to unavailability of gas.” It further noted that “60 MW was not generated due to unavailability of transmission infrastructure, while 2,417.1 MW was not generated due to high frequency resulting from the unavailability of distribution infrastructure. The power sector lost an estimated N2, 162,000,000 (Two Billion One Hundred and Sixty-Two Million Naira) on January 2, 2020, due to constraints from insufficient gas supply, distribution infrastructure and transmission infrastructure.”