Group demands replacement of 1999 Constitution.

The Southern and Middle Belt Forum, a group of Nigerians in Europe, United States and Asia, has called for the jettisoning of the 1999 constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, asking for it to be replaced with the 2014 National Conference report.

The group also welcomes the release of Omoyele Sowore, urging the Nigerian Government to strike out all cases against him.

In a communiqué issued after a meeting of Nigerians in the Diaspora and signed by it’s President, Sidney Imohbio, and Secretary-General, Napoleon Akhuemonkhan, SNMBF noted that Nigeria was faced with inherent contradictions that may spill over to a major conflict unless the country restructured to guarantee self-determination.

The group stated that the replacement of the 1999 constitution with the recommendations of the 2014 Confab report will bring a halt to the arbitrary use of power, devolution of power, decentralisation of the security architecture and a complete overhaul of the political system to reflect the principles of Federalism, adding that it is the only way the country can move forward.

It said, “The so-called constitution was full of nebulous, anti-people, draconian and fascist items that failed to address the fears and aspirations of Nigerians.”

The group said the country currently has no respect for human rights and that the unlawful detention of Sowore and others was an indication that the regime was orchestrating a vicious campaign against leading opposition figures.

It added, “There can be nothing more reasonable than to drop the charges against Sowore.

“The charge of treason is ridiculous. It is not enough to free him on bail. The charges are frivolous and are mere elements of political persecution.”

The Nigerian Constitution Of 1999

SNMBF described the fight against corruption as endemic, saying it embodied nepotism, tribalism, favouritism, bribery and ethnocentrism, which are all agents of corruption.

It also condemned the appointment of northerners to major positions in the country without due regards for the federal code guiding appointment in the country.