Update: Electricity Workers Demands Law Of Jurisdiction.

…why embarking on the strike was wrong.

The Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies (SSAEAC) has urged the Ministry of Power to implement the law on the membership of its junior counterpart, the National Union of Electricity Employees (NUEE).

It also said the suspended strike of NUEE was illegal, because precedence was not followed.

The union said it had written the ministry of labour and employment, as well as the minister of power, stating why embarking on the strike was wrong.

SSAEAC President, Chris Okonkwo, told reporters in Lagos that the union also wrote a letter to the permanent secretary of the ministry of power on the issue.

“Our junior counterpart has taken over our members under the guise that they are senior staff and by that taken over 70 per cent of our revenue,” he said.

The Ministry of Labour had clarified the jurisdiction as provided in Third Schedule of the Trade Union Acts CAP. T14.

It explained that the case was similar to that of the Association of Senior Civil Servants of Nigeria (ASCSN) and the Nigeria Civil Service Union (NCSU), which was settled in court.

It said non-professional and non-stop administrative staff belong to NUEE, while civil service qualifications for senior staff are a minimum of OND or NCE or bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

The exception, the letter stated, were those who joined the unions as non-professionals and who wish to remain in that position after being promoted to the senior rank.

The SSAEAC president said the union had laid out the points and demanded the implementation of union membership.

“All staff records are expected to be reviewed using their qualification status, and ranks and placed in the correct union membership and appropriate deductions made and remitted,” he said.

Okonkwo noted that SSAEAC was not against the unity of the two unions, but lamented that such efforts had often been frustrated by NUEE members.

He said: “We are committed to team up as a body in the power sector to fight the battle and confront the challenges together, but that must be based on proper commitment and not just a mere information as it happened during the strike by NUEE.

“We will take up the challenges presented to us on how we can work and fight our battles together.”