Actress Juliet’s ex husband, Ojukwu continues to mock her on IG. (VIDEO)

Chima Ojukwu, the ex-husband of actress Juliet Mgborukwe has continued to troll her on his Instagram page.

The actress shocked Nigerians in July 2018 when she announced she and Chima were separating for the second time. She accused him of domestic violence and shared photos and videos as proof. On December 19th, she announced that their divorce process has been completed.

Last night, Chima took to his IG page to mock her after the dissolution of their marriage.

He continued to mock Juliet today as he posted a video on his page showing him rapping as he told a story of a certain person who he walked into ”fucking a white boy”. He went on to rap about how in his moment of rage, he beat up the white man. He said the lady he caught with the white man, jumped on his(chima) back after which he hit her with his elbow in an attempt to get her off him.

According to Chima, the person thereafter went into the basement and began taking pictures. He said one year after the incident, the said person released the pictures and “tried to get him for everything.

Chima in his rap said he hired big lawyers and got back everything. He went on to refer to the person as a loser

Actress Juliet Mgborukwe

He went on blast Nigerian men attacking him for divorcing Juliet. He also slammed those referring to him as a narcissistic man.

You’re a super narcissist Chima for hiring a lawyer and not letting the devil’s plan work, you’re a super narcissist for not letting the devil wipe you clean for everything you’ve worked for since you were 17 years old, from retirement money to house to cars, you’re a super narcissist for fighting for your kids even when the devil lied that you are an unfit father and that you are in a gang and that you beat up your kids smh lies upon lies trying to wipe you out and even take the kids and move out of state, you’re a super narcissist for standing tall and beating all those allegations that could have not only wiped you out but also landed you in jail, you’re a super narcissist for fighting back and beating those allegations, you should have just let the devil take you for everything, you should have been quiet small boy, you narcissistic you Chima ..anyway im done with this garbage, done with this clown straight bozo” he wrote on his IG page