Leaked: Liverpool New Balance Kits For 2020/21.

Images of Liverpool kits designed by New Balance for the 2020/21 campaign that will never actually be released have been leaked online, showing what the Reds could have been wearing next season had they not switched their contract to Nike.

Liverpool kits have been manufactured by New Balance since 2015, but with the contract ending this year, the club sought to agree a new partnership with Nike.

New Balance contested it, claiming their existing contract entitled them to a renewal if they matched a rival offer. The case went to the high court, but the judge sided with Liverpool, enabling the club to drop New Balance and go ahead with the new Nike deal.

Nike’s offer comes with the promise of far greater marketing reach, including the use of global superstar athletes from other sports – the likes of LeBron James and Serena Williams – partnering with Liverpool to promote the club’s merchandise.


Yet New Balance were seemingly already well prepared to continue because pictures of home, away, third and goalkeeper kits have appeared on social media.

Images of the designs were shared by a Twitter user by the name of @KBX2. Alongside a red home shirt featuring a subtle pattern was a yellow away strip and a dark third kit featuring a vibrant trim. There is also a black goalkeeper shirt with grey and red trim.

The designs each feature subtle extra detailing, such as club slogans printed on the inside of the badge – the home kit was to feature the lyrics from ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ on the inside of the collar.