Etinosa says her life isn’t for publicity.

Etinosa Idemudia has spoken about her somewhat controversial public life, saying that nothing in her life is a publicity stunt.

Recall that the actress made headlines after she went nude on Instagram and later used the Bible as an ashtray while smoking. And people felt she was using the videos as publicity stunts to grab attention, N.Rs report

Speaking with newsmen, the actress said nothing about her controversial life is a publicity stunt. And that whatever happens on Instagram or the media is real life.


“Nothing in my life has been a publicity stunt. Nigerians always try to make up stories to help their mind comprehend happenings around them. Whatever happens on Instagram or the media is real life. I advise lovers to be happy and not care what anyone says, as long as they are not breaking the law. Age difference shouldn’t affect how two people respectfully relate with each other, love and co-exist.”

Speaking about the car gift (Mercedes Benz) she got from a fan during her recent trip to Dubai, Etinosa told our correspondent that there was more to the story but it was entirely her business.

“People don’t give such a gift to random strangers. Some things are pretty obvious. It all started in my inbox (DM) does not mean that’s all there is (to it). There’s more and that’s my business, not my fans.’