Biography of ‘Tacha’ BBNaija, Name, Age and Education + Fight story with mercy.

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Story & Education

Anita Natacha Akide popularly known as Tacha or Symply Tacha is a former Big Brother Naija housemate, video blogger and an Instagram influencer who was disqualified on the 89 days of the show after fighting with fellow housemate Mercy in the 2019 Big Brother Naija TV Reality Show tagged Pepper Dem Gang.

Tacha hails from Port Harcourt, River State in the south southern part of Nigeria. She was born on 23rd of December 1995 in Port Harcourt, River State in the south southern part of Nigeria. She is currently 23 years old. Tacha’s parents are both dead.

Anita Natacha Akide aka Tacha completed both her primary and secondary school education in Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria and obtained both her First School Leaving Certificate and West African Senior School Certificate.

After completing her primary and secondary school education, Tacha proceeded to Ignatius Ajuru University of Education in Port Harcourt, River State in the south southern part of Nigeria and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in English Language.

Faves & Interests•

Tacha have being a big fan of popular Singer, Adeleke David Aka Davido, She’s a huge fan of Davido and that is the reason why she has a tattoo of Davido on her body.

According to Tacha, she fell in love with Davido since she heard the song Dami Duro in 2011 and has not stopped loving the singer ever since.

Now on BBnaija, Tacha is one of the most discussed BBNaija housemate, before her disqualification she is exceptionally sure she will win the grand prize in ongoing reality TV show.

Activities & Achievement•

In a diary session with Biggie, Tacha can be heard gloating that she was in the BBNaija 2019 show to win and only win.

Biggie asked her how she felt being one from the 17 housemates went out and having a one of every seventeen possibility of winning the show. She answered; Like i said last week Sunday, i’m here to win not to compete and all sixteen housemates is here to compete. Well i’m here to win so there is a big difference.”

Right after the morning exercise routine on Friday, September 27, 2019, the remaining housemates were meant to gather in the lounge for the task ahead to be read to them by the Head of House, Seyi. While all other nine then housemates were gathered in the lounge waiting for Mercy to join them, evicted-Cindy came along from the dressing room to inform Tacha that Mercy said she was stupid for all her utterances against her. This led to the two powerful housemates engaging in a gruesome argument that led to a lot of spiteful chants. The dirty fight occurred barely two weeks after Big Brother magnanimously forgave house infringements and erased the strikes allowing the housemates to start on a clean slate.

During the altercation which dragged on for over four hours – and also consumed the farewell greetings housemates were supposed to exchange with Cindy – Tacha and Mercy lost their temper and threw caution into the wind. According to the charges brought against Tacha by Biggie, Tacha was accused of losing her temper, pushing, shoving and also pulling Mercy’s hair. All these are considered as violence according to Biggie’s house rules.

For Mercy, Biggie found her guilty of breaking the House rule of provocation, not stepping away from a volatile situation and of non-physical violence. She was also found guilty of stroking a chord of ember the moment she flicked her hair on Tacha just to provoke her more.

Stories, BBNaija•

The rule book clearly states in Article 18 sub-section one that, other types of violence including provocation, goading, bullying, and victimisation may be punished by Big Brother in any way Big Brother chooses. Tacha was disqualified 89 days of the show while Mercy got herself two Strikes as a result of their fight.

Tacha wasn’t evicted just like other evicted members of the house but was disqualified because it was stated clearly in the rules of Big Brother Naija that housemates are not allowed to engage in physical fights. Who ever goes against the rules will be disqualified.

Since her disqualification on Friday night, September 27, 2019 – following an altercation with a fellow and equally popular housemate, Mercy – fans and viewers were emotional about the rationale behind Biggie’s decision.

Infact, Tacha’s disqualification caused uproar on social media as many tagged her disqualification as biased.

Another Scandal that shaked the social media was her alleged body odour, mercy had alleged that Tacha smells, has mouth odour, also stating that Tacha only bathes once during her menstrual period. and that her body odour irritates her and this allegation sucks her online.

As if that was not enough, Nigerian rapper, Zlatan also recorded as song for Tacha, making jest of her yet unconfirmed body odour. He raps in Yoruba that, “Ah, what is smelling?! Tacha, you will not kill me.”

Scene coverage during an altercation :
It all started when Seyi called Mercy to come to the lounge so they can read Biggie’s scroll.

But Mercy who had her bath came out late for the reading. This, however, did not go down well with Tacha who rained insults at her.

Tacha said,

”You are a moron, remain there and don’t come out. clout chaser, old woman, you keep using your body to get everything you want. You have been using Ike to get what you want. You can’t stand eviction that is why you need Ike to help you.”

Mercy replied,

” You are very stupid, you Instagram beggar. Go and treat your body odour before you talk to me, you stink. At least, I have a boyfriend (Ike) to get me what I want what have your boyfriend done for you?”

However, Tacha still manage to topped the voting list even though she was disqualified from the Big Brother Naija reality show for exhibiting physical violence against Mercy. And has since gain much more attention, compensation and endorsement from meaningful-individuals.


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