This monumental structures are dedicated for satan – Reno Omokri claims with biblical verses. (Details)

Reno Omokri shared photos of some structures built in Western countries and alleged that they are dedicated to satan. He then shared biblical passages to back his claim.

He shared photos of structures in London, Rome, Washington D.C. and New York and said they are the “Asherah Pole, a pagan idol” which “God detests and warns believers to avoid”.

He wrote:

1 Kings 16:33, 2 Kings 23:6, Deuteronomy 16:21, Exodus 34:13 and many other verses of Scripture instruct us that an Asherah Pole is a pagan idol God detests and warns believers to avoid. But what is an Asherah Pole? Google it and check the images that describe it. An Asherah Pole is simply a phallic pole dedicated to satan. Almost all major cities in the West have an Asherah Pole hidden in plain sight!? #TableShaker