Mofe Duncan Replies rumour for the first time, says he hasn’t married for three times. (Details below).

Mofe Duncan has addressed the rumour surrounding his marriage for the first time.

The actor, who was married to Jessica Kakkad for three years before their marriage crashed last year, denied rumours that his marriage to Jessica was his third time being married. He said he has only ever been married to Jessica.

He said this in response to being shamed by Instagram trolls after he indirectly criticized Tasha’s character. The trolls told him that he claims he has character yet has been married and divorced three times. But Duncan said this isn’t true.

He wrote:

@utty_benn you represent the group of people with this thought process that I HAVE BEEN MARRIED AND DIVORCED 3 TIMES, so I will address you as those I am addressing them. I have NOT been married 3 times… I have only been married ONCE. • Also being divorced is NOT a terminal contagious disease, it also does NOT mean that you are monster or the person you divorced is a monster from HELL, Jess & I are still VERY GOOD FRIENDS with MUTUAL RESPECT FOR EACH OTHER AND OUR RESPECTIVE FAMILIES. ? Remember, Megan was divorced and STILL married a PRINCE. ? God bless you @utty_benn and to those married, may God keep your home. To those DIVORCED, may you find peace in your heart. And to those yet to marry, may you find the right person and may it last forever. ? PS: DONT BELIEVE ALL THE BLOGS POST, THATS HOW THEY SAID MY SISTER @matilda_duncan GAVE BIRTH IN AMERICA because she posted her best friend’s baby.